Kayleigh McEnany Has A Hissy Fit After Forbes Magazine Puts Kamala Harris On The Cover Instead Of Ivanka

Jealous much?

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Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany lashed out over Forbes magazine featuring Vice President Kamala Harris on its cover instead of Ivanka Trump. Harris is our country’s first woman Vice President, while Ivanka Trump was an unpaid adviser to her daddy-president. During a segment on Fox News’s Outnumbered, McEnany took issue with the magazine’s recent profile on Harris, which Forbes called the vice president’s vision “Kamalanomics.”

“Forbes has discovered a new philosophy, Kamalanomics, named after Kamala,” McEnany said, adding, “and it’s about propping up women small business owners.”

“Interestingly though, we have someone who did just that,” she continued to say. “Ivanka Trump did just that, securing $1.5 billion in relief from the private sector for small businesses, $10 billion to [community development financial institutions], which are banks that help minority and low-income communities.”

“But I don’t remember the term Ivankanomics,” McEnany added.

Tomi Lahren also lashed out at Harris.

“We expected her to do a lot more with this golden opportunity that she’s been given,” she said. “I know how she operates. I know what kind of woman that she is.”

“You mention the way they treat Republican women,” Lahren said. “The way they treated Ivanka, the way that they treated Sarah Palin. I mean, they’re propping her up, putting her on the cover of magazines. And when they put her on the cover of Vogue, she wasn’t looking good enough for the woke crowd. They wanted her to be more stylish. At the end of the day, it’s all about vanity.”

McEnany suggested that Harris is, in actuality, planning to be president.

“That’s exactly what it is,” McEnany observed. “I read a report about how she’s trying to keep a low profile for that reason, so she’s not on the record on these issues, on the border. She can sneak on by and try to walk right into the Oval Office.”


We’re not sure how Lahren brought up Sarah Palin as if she was a powerful voice for women. Conservatives are always playing the victim. It’s sad to see, really. Why would Forbes acknowledge the former guy’s unpaid adviser and feature her on the cover? That doesn’t make any sense. Ivanka’s time in politics is over. As the magazine notes, “As we emerge from the pandemic, our nation has the same choice to make — for our economy and for our businesses, specifically small businesses, and start-ups.” And if Trump was still at the helm, we wouldn’t be emerging from the pandemic.

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