Kellyanne Conway Reportedly Caught In The Crossfires Of Bitter Bad Blood Between Donald Trump And GOP Governor


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Trump’s former Bowling Green Massacre expert, Kellyanne Conway, has recently found herself in the crossfires of some seriously bitter bad blood between her ex-boss and Nebraska’s current Republican governor, after reportedly helping to broker a Trump endorsement for an upcoming gubernatorial candidate, against the desires of the current governor who she’s supposed to be friends with.

A recent report from POLITICO took a deep dive into the messy inner workings of Donald Trump’s recent endorsement of Charles Herbster as Nebraska’s potential new GOP governor, and it seems that none other than Ms. Microwave herself is at the center of some seedy, hidden drama.

According to the new report, Nebraska’s current governor, Pete Ricketts (whose family plays a critical role in GOP fundraising) got in touch with the ex-president earlier this year and personally requested that Trump not throw his support behind Ricketts’ political adversary Charles Herbster in the upcoming primary race to succeed him. However, POLITICO notes that Donald did, in fact, throw his hat into Nebraska’s gubernatorial race just last week, when he endorsed his longtime ally, Herbster himself, after months of thick tension.

The endorsement really seemed to rub Ricketts the wrong way, after his personal request to, well, not do that just earlier this year.

Just mere hours after Trump’s endorsement announcement, Ricketts released a statement saying, “While I agree with President Trump on many things, I strongly disagree that Charles Herbster is qualified to be our next governor.”

It seems that the bad blood reached a fever pitch, which saw Kellyanne Conway in the middle of it all when Ricketts ran into Kellyanne Conway at a Republican National Committee event back in June, only for the former Trump official to tell him that she was working for Herbster’s campaign.

The fine details and exact words that were said when the two ran into each other at the RNC event have not been revealed, but Conway has reportedly spoken to others on the heels of the confrontation earlier this year, and allegedly expressed her surprise at Ricketts’ aggressive tone and vitriol toward the Trump-endorsed candidate. Speaking with POLITICO in a statement on the topic, Conway was a bit more put together, but her response still carried the same tone.

“What I thought was a polite acknowledgment quickly devolved into what I realize was not a philosophical or political difference with Gov. Ricketts toward Charles Herbster, but rather a personal one,” Kellyanne told POLITICO.

“While I won’t disclose details of a private conversation,” the former Trump official went on to state, “I was shocked because I have long respected the Ricketts family and helped broker the peace between Joe Ricketts, Todd Ricketts, and Donald Trump in the fall of 2016, inviting them to the private residence in Trump Tower.”

Corben Waldron, a spokesperson for Ricketts, has seen put out a statement saying that the governor had “no personal issue at all” with Herbster, but went on to note that Ricketts’ comments to Conway were “an honest and pointed conversation did outline multiple reasons why he believes Herbster is ill-suited to be governor of Nebraska.”

It seems Conway’s place in it all may boil down to the fact that Herbster and Ricketts met at the Governor’s Mansion back on July 2nd, but the meeting only lasted a mere 6 minutes, only for Herbster and Conway to quietly steal away to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in October, for a meeting that sources say went on for hours and ultimately sealed the deal on Donald’s endorsement.

POLITICO reports that ” Conway, who was Trump’s 2016 campaign manager, was regarded as instrumental in swaying Trump’s decision.”

You can read the full deep dive report from POLITICO here.

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