Kellyanne Conway’s Daughter Ignites Brutal Mockery Against The Likes Of Ted Cruz, Tucker Carlson, And MTG On Social Media


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Claudia Conway, the rather infamous 18-year-old daughter of former Trump strategist and White House adviser Kellyanne Conway and attorney, Lincoln Project co-founder, and staunch Trump critic George Conway, has ignited a round of hilariously brutal mockery against some of the Republican party’s most notable, high-level names, with a series of sidesplitting polls, pitting the GOP names against fictional characters.

Claudia recently returned to Twitter following what seemed to be an extended hiatus from social media, breaking her apparent digital silence when she appeared to speak out on the news of her parents’ impending but unsurprising divorce. The teenage Conway daughter appeared to lash out a bit when she wrote in a tweet, “Y’all need to shut up fr [for real],” as the news of Kellyanne and George’s split hit the media cycle.

Following that post, Claudia has seemingly been active on Twitter once again, and apparently decided to entertain herself and other members of the Twitter-sphere when she created a series of Twitter polls, in which she pitted notable names in the GOP — the likes of TX Senator Ted Cruz, GA House Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Fox talking head Tucker Carlson — against fictional characters such as the green M&M.

In one poll, Claudia posed the question, “who’s winning in a fight,” pitting Senator Ted Cruz against the green M&M.

The M&M won the poll by a landslide 98 percent.

A second poll saw a hypothetical dance battle between Tucker Carlson and Clifford the Big Red Dog:

While MTG got to join in on the fun when Claudia pitted the QAnon congresswoman against Harry Potter in a race:

The comment section was every bit the comedic gold you’d expect it to be, and then some:

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Honestly, I hope this becomes a weekly thing for Claudia.

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