Lara Trump’s Brewery Event Apparently Cancelled After Trump Campaign Allegedly Misled The Manager

Yeaaaah. You can't just lie to people.

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As Donald Trump continues to flounder in the polls, he and his campaign are grasping at every straw they can find to pull some campaign events out of their hats in the middle of a massive, deadly pandemic (that’s almost completely Trump’s fault at this point) in an attempt to garner some MAGA support before Trump suffers a landslide loss in just a few short months.

And according to new reports, they’re willing to go so far as to essentially lie to the venues that are willing to hold their events.

Donald’s daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, was scheduled to headline an event for her father-in-law at a local brewery in Freeport, Maine. However, the owners of said establishment found themselves pretty blindsided regarding what the event actually was when they stumbled across an article published by Bangor Daily News earlier this week that noted the brewery as the first stop on Lara’s “Women For Trump” campaign trail.

The owners of Stars and Stripes Brewing, Brad and Nancy Nadeau, actually contacted the publication after reading about the event that was slated to take place at their business.

According to the couple, they were only told that a few members of the Trump campaign would be stopping by their establishment for a beer while ordering some pizza at a nearby restaurant. Brad Nadeau claims he was also told that Lara Trump would be stopping by in addition to a handful of members of the media, but the couple was never informed that this was a formal event for the Trump 2020 campaign.

Evidently, the Nadeaus only discovered the campaign’s plan when they found that their establishment showed up in an online listing of Trump campaign events.

On the heels of the listing, the couple found themselves on the receiving end of an onslaught of negative comments for hosting a Trump campaign event. Thus far, spokespeople for Trump’s Maine campaign have not yet responded to requests for comments, but Brad asserts that he called the campaign on Tuesday morning to immediately cancel the event and went on to clarify that his establishment does not host political events nor endorse candidates.

In response to why he agreed to the stop by Lara Trump in the first place, Brad Nadeau, a veteran of the Iraq War, said that his brewery hosts a variety of fundraising events for various entities, such as veterans’ groups. He explained that his business wasn’t necessarily “anti-Trump.” They’re just not “anti-anything.”

“I tried so hard to keep this brewery positive, and we haven’t had any backlash because we don’t do anything that’s negative,” he stated. “But when it comes to politics, people are so far on either side.”

Thus far, it is unclear whether or not Lara’s event will be rescheduled at a new location.

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