Lauren Boebert Delivered Speech To A Group Of Veterans And Compared Her Service In Congress To Troops Fighting In The Military

You have GOT to be kidding me.

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Colorado House Representative delivered a speech earlier recently that was supposed to be in honor of Veterans Day. However, she seemed to take a page straight from Donald Trump’s playbook when she took a speech that she delivered to a room full of veterans in her state and made it all about herself.

A clip of Boebert’s self-absorbed Veterans Day speech circulated on social media and, according to a report from Newsweek, it quickly garnered more than 150,000 views after being posted to the social media platform by the Patriot Takes account.

Boebert, a devout supporter of Donald Trump, has not served a single day of her life in any branch of the military, foreign or domestic. All she’s good for, really, is her relentless and tiresome pro-God, guns, and Donald Trump rhetoric since taking office for her first Congressional term in January of this year. But that didn’t stop her from having that absolute audacity to stand before a room full of servicemen and women and quite literally compare her service in Congress to their service, devotion, and sacrifice on behalf of this nation through their military positions.

“As your congresswoman, it is my proper role to keep you free,” Boebert declared to the audience. “And that is what I’m fighting for each and every day, just as each of you have fought to keep us free in the greatest nation that this world has ever known.”

Boebert’s tone-deaf comparison pretty much immediately sparked backlash from the PAC VoteVets, which boasts 1.5 million members and “campaigns to relentlessly lift up the voices of veterans.”

“Oh no. No no no no no.@laurenboebert, you never fought for this country in any way, shape, or form,” the PAC wrote in a tweet. “You’re a traitor. How dare you say this?”

There’s really no denying — these people just have no shame.

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