Lauren Boebert Got Her A*s Handed To Her Over Her Nauseating Transphobic Comments About Nationwide Baby Formula Shortage

She is just a truly awful human being.

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It feels like it’s one crisis right after another in America right now.

As child-bearing human beings across the nation face down the very real possibility that we will soon be forced to serve as incubators for rich, white men — after an opinion draft was leaked and published by Politico, suggesting that the United States Supreme Court could overturn the landmark 1973 Roe V. Wade decision that protects an individual’s right to choose to have an abortion without undue government interference or restrictions — we are now also facing a critical, nationwide shortage of infant formula needed to feed those babies that we may soon be forced to birth.

While the theories and speculations surrounding the global formula crisis are plentiful, The Atlantic put out a piece this week that explains in great detail just exactly how we got to a point where there’s nothing on the shelves to feed our babies.

Spoiler alert: It doesn’t have a thing to do with Joe Biden or the “Woke Left.”

According to The Atlantic and their legitimate research, “Three factors are driving the U.S. baby-formula shortage: bacteria, a virus, and a trade policy.”

The bacteria they’re referencing resulted in a massive recall of Abbott, a major producer of infant formula, by the Food and Drug Administration, after at least two infants from a rare infection and the FDA’s investigation discovered traces of the pathogen Cronobacter sakazakii in a Michigan plant.

To compound the issue further, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the supply chain, as the director of research at the consulting firm Demographic Intelligence, Lyman Stone, told the publication, “During the spring of 2020, formula sales rocketed upwards as people stockpiled formula just like they stockpiled toilet paper.”

To top it all off, The Atlantic writes that the third and final factor boils down to America’s regulatory and trade policy — an issue that the Biden administration is working diligently to fix.

But then you have people like Lauren Boebert.

The controversial Republican idiot recently made an appearance on the talk radio show, The First, where she ran her mouth on the topic of the formula crisis and, much like any Republican, instead of stating facts and truth, she made some of the most disgusting remarks we’ve ever heard come out of her mouth.

“It’s interesting that we are having this baby formula shortage,” Boebert said in the interview. “Perhaps it’s from all the men who are becoming pregnant and cannot lactate on their own.”

I really don’t have to tell you how disgusting transphobic that is.

Suffice it to say, social media let her have it:

How an individual like this is a sitting member of Congress, I will never understand.

Read the full report on the real reasons for the formula crisis from The Atlantic here.

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