Lauren Boebert Keeps Digging Her Hole Deeper, Caught On Video Referring To President Biden As “This Piece Of Crap In The White House”

Sticking your foot in your mouth, eh?

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Controversial Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boehbert seem to compete for being the most uncivilized person in Congress. Apologies to Louie Gohmert. It wasn’t that long ago that Greene called Joe Biden a “piece of shit,” and now Boebert is on video calling the President a “piece of crap.” Boebert is already under the microscope for implying that Rep. Ilham Omar is a suicide bomber.

Omar is among one of two Muslim women in Congress, and she is a frequent target for Republicans, so Boebert thought she’d amp up the hateful rhetoric for her supporters. That didn’t go down well, so she apologized, perhaps realizing that she could have her committee assignments taken away. After all, that’s what happened to Greene for her past support for violence against Democrats. The Colorado Republican’s apology rings hollow since she has targeted Omar and other members of ‘The Squad” before.

A video was tweeted out of Boebert talking to her supporters, and it is the same gathering where she said that Omar was mistaken for a terrorist, and in this clip, she calls the President a “piece of crap.”


That didn’t go down well on Twitter.

Since she brought up “a piece of crap,” Boebert’s husband was arrested in a bowling alley after exposing himself to two young women. The gun-toting Republican Colorado congresswoman who ran on a law and order platform has been arrested quite a few times herself. I just mentioned that since she thinks she’s a better person than President Biden is.

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