NYT Reports Jared Kushner Is Trying To Raise Money For A New Investment Firm In The Middle East

His corruption knows no limits.

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A new report from the New York Times has served as a brutal reminder that, even though the Trump family is finally out of the White House and bereft of any power over this nation, their corruption and shadiness are still going as strong as ever.

According to the bombshell new report, Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner is making one hell of an effort to raise funds for a new investment firm he’s opening in his favorite place — the Middle East.

Kate Kelly, David D. Kirkpatrick, and Alan Rappeport with the Post reported, “So far, he is having only mixed success. Qatar, whose leaders saw Mr. Kushner as an opponent in the administration, declined to invest in his firm, a person familiar with those conversations said. So did the main Emirati sovereign wealth funds; Emirati rulers saw Mr. Kushner as an ally but questioned his track record in business, according to a person with knowledge of the discussions.”

The Post notes that, amid Jared’s struggles, there is one government in the area that’s more than happy to jump to Kushner’s aide.

“The Saudis are more interested, according to four people briefed on their continuing negotiations,” the report goes on to read. “The kingdom’s $450 billion Public Investment Fund is negotiating with Mr. Kushner over what could prove to be a sizable investment in his new firm, two of those people said.”

Kushner was, of course, well known during his father-in-law’s former administration as the go-to man for diplomatic deals in the Middle East. In fact, Jared played a massive role in a series of agreements hailing from the Trump administration that forced several Arab and North African states to recognize the Israeli government — typically at the price of the US recognizing and legitimizing human rights violations in those countries. Since his father-in-law’s departure from the White House, Ivanka’s husband has founded an institute with the purpose of continuing said agreements.

Over his professional lifetime, Jared Kushner has overseen more than a few high-profile investments that were ultimately massive failures — the most notable being his brutal failure to turn even a semblance of a profit on a large NYC Fifth Avenue office tower.

You can read the full report from the NYT here.

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