Lauren Boebert Suggested God Personally Told Her To Run For Congress Because Her Win Would Lead “The Unbeliever” To Jesus

Oh, for Pete's sake.

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If there is anything that I would consider a common personality trait among members of the Republican Party, whether they’re notable names in the US government or your average American citizen, it’s their overwhelming sense of self-importance.

Genuinely, you’d be hard-pressed to find a single soul in your life who’s more cocky, arrogant, conceited, and borderline clinically narcissistic than a Republican.

These people walk around, day in and day out, with the full belief that they are personally God’s gift to humanity. Hell, many of them truly and fully believe that they were personally sent to this country by God himself, like some sort of ethereal Amazon package — complete with Prime shipping.

I mean, still to this day, there are people walking the streets of this country who believe in their heart of hearts, soul of souls, that Donald J. Trump is the second coming of Christ — including Donald J. Trump.

Their arrogance is so deep-seated that they don’t even attempt to try to hide it under the guise of some fake modesty and humility.

Nah, they’re just out here declaring to the whole world (or at least anyone who’s left that will listen to their nonsense) that they were hand-picked by Jesus H. Christ himself.

Colorado’s controversial House Rep. Lauren Boebert is a perfect example of what I’m talking about here.

Boebert recently gave a speech, in which she proclaimed to the crowd that she ended up in Congress because God himself personally called on her to do so because her presence on the Hill would lead people to accept and embrace Jesus.

She kicked off her schpiel with a less-than-humble brag about her 10-point victory over a 5-term Republican incumbent before declaring, “God told me it would be a sign and a wonder to the unbeliever.”

Seriously, listen for yourself:

You can imagine what social media, actual Americans, thought about Lauren’s self-important, religious declaration:

I guess she has to believe that God called on her, because we certainly didn’t.

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