Law Enforcement Analyst Revealed Key Mistake Trump’s Legal Team Is Making In Their Fight Against Jan. 6th Committee

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Law enforcement analyst Whitney Wild went into detail on CNN, explaining the critical mistake former President Donald Trump’s legal team made in their lawsuit to block White House documents from being turned over to the House committee investigating the deadly January 6 insurrection at the Capitol. And thank goodness that the twice-impeached one-term President appears to surround himself with incompetent individuals.

Anchor Poppy Harlow asked “how quickly” the House Select Committee requested that the Supreme Court take action. Wild explained that the Trump team failed to articulate any harm from having the records released.

“Well, they would like to see at least some resolution in the next couple of weeks, and at a minimum, they’re asking the Supreme Court to hear these arguments by January 14,” she said. “So let’s break down everything that is going on here. The newest filing from the House and the Biden administration, on the same page here. What they’re arguing is that lower courts ruled correctly; they pointed out that the Trump team has not articulated specific harm that would arise from releasing these records.”

“The Trump team has made a list of arguments; one of them is basically that the former president just has a right to executive privilege, and that’s basically the end of it,” Wild continued. “They haven’t said why releasing these documents would be specifically harmful, even though judges have sort of tried to lead them there. They questioned them, saying, okay, if the records get released, what is going to be the result? And they haven’t articulated a specific, concrete harm that would override the interests from the House Select Committee in getting these records.”

“The impact here could be enormous, because there isn’t a lot of definitive case law to dictate how this should go,” Wild added. “So these will be consequential cases and, again, the House Select Committee hoping there is going to be some signal from the Supreme Court that they are going to take this by January 14.”


Trump simply says that releasing the records could harm him, but he’s failed to articulate how that would happen.

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