Legal Analyst Buries Trump Lawyer In Brutal Mockery Over “Insane” Court Motion Trying To Block Investigation Into Ex-President: “Perilously Close To Gibberish”

The attorneys are getting pretty pathetic.

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In a fiery column published in Above The Law today, legal analyst Liz Dye absolutely buried one member of former President Donald Trump’s legal team in brutal mockery over the attorney’s recent court motion, in which they demanded that a federal judge essentially just make all the investigations into Trump and his business from the New York Attorney General Letitia James and state prosecutors just stop and go away.

“Among the many categories of relief sought, most of which amount to ‘tell that lady to go away and stop investigating me for crimes,’ the former president asked for ‘a preliminary and permanent injunction… requiring Defendant to immediately cease or, at a minimum, appropriately limit all ongoing investigations of Plaintiffs pending resolution of this action,'” Dye pens in her punchy column. “Trump’s lawyer Alina Habba has now managed to docket a motion for preliminary injunction, and, friends, for sheer batsh*ttery, this one rivals her letter to the Pulitzer Committee demanding that it retract prizes for the New York Times and Washington Post OR ELSE.”

Among all the unhinged batshittery in the Trump attorney’s court filing was the claim that Attorney General James “has “displayed a shocking irreverence for her prosecutorial ethics” and “is not serving any legitimate law enforcement interests but is merely seizing on an opportunity to harass, threaten, and retaliate against Trump, his family, and his associates.”

Dye goes on to note, “The whole thing is chock full of over-the-top insane rhetoric, accusing the NYAG of violating the Constitution by the mere act of investigating Trump’s family business. Other passages teeter perilously close to gibberish: ‘Further, Defendant utilized the subpoenas in a perverted manner to obtain a collateral objective. First, Defendant sought to obtain a collateral detriment to Plaintiffs inasmuch as she sought to compel Trump to discontinue his political career by launching unfounded attacks against him and his business.'”

“Well, at least they didn’t say ‘uppity,'” Dye quips, “Although Habba did hop on Newsmax last night to call James ‘a sick person.'”

New York Attorney General Letitia James has recently partnered with the Manhattan District Attorney’s office in their investigation into the Trump Organization’s financial records.

You can read Dye’s full, fiery piece in Above The Law right here.

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