Legal Expert Pegs Possible Perjury By Top Trump Org. Exec. That Could Send The Big Wig Back Back To Rikers Where He Was Just Released From

He's digging his own hole.

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Notorious former Trump Organization Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg was just recently released from New York’s infamous Rikers Island jail, where he was sentenced to five months after taking a plea deal with NY prosecutors and pleading guilty to 15 counts of grand larceny, tax fraud, and falsifying business records.

Now, according to a brutal analysis from MSNBC legal analyst Lisa Rubin, the 75-year-old staunch Trump associate may be hauled back to the notoriously rough New York jail on charges of perjury, as Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg heats up the threats against Weisselberg for apparently lying in his sworn, under oath testimony.

Rubin conducted a cursory review of Allen’s extensive testimonies in the case against the Trump Organization and determined that Weisselberg has most likely only dug his own hole that much deeper.

Weisselberg’s testimony was given under oath to New York Attorney General Letitia James as part of his plea deal for a drastically reduced jail sentence. But Rubin points out that it’s already coming back to haunt the top Trump Org. exec. as he certainly appears to have perjured himself to prosecutors when it came to his explanation concerning exactly how he became aware of the Trumps tactics to grossly inflate the valuation of their properties in an effort to receive more favorable outcomes in business and tax dealings.

“A cursory read of those transcripts, coupled with other filings by the attorney general, suggests at least one potential avenue for a perjury charge: Weisselberg’s involvement in the overvaluation of Trump’s triplex apartment in Trump Tower and at what point he knew that valuation was false,” Rubin’s brutal analysis reads.

The MSNBC analyst goes on to cite a brief from the attorney general that stated, “Weisselberg admitted that the Statements overvalued Mr. Trump’s apartment by ‘give or take’ $200 million — and evidence later revealed he was provided with the true facts regarding the apartment’s square footage before certifying as accurate the inflated apartment value based on false information.” She goes on to further note that Weisselberg’s comments concerning a Forbes article he claimed to have reviewed about the Trump-owned property valuations may have been the proverbial knell in the CFO’s coffin.

“The Forbes article’ Weisselberg referenced in his deposition, according to the attorney general’s filings, was not provided to Weisselberg until March 2017, when he, as well as Donald Trump, Jr. and Eric Trump, were alerted that while Trump told Forbes his apartment was roughly 33,000 square feet, the magazine found property records and ‘concluded it was less than one third that size,'” the analysis reads. “Put another way, at least according to the attorney general’s version of events, Weisselberg didn’t learn the valuation was false after the fact, as he testified. Instead, he received documents reflecting the ‘true size of the triplex’ years before he certified the 2015 financial statement.”

“Therefore, the Manhattan DA’s office has a colorable argument that Weisselberg lied under oath during his July 17, 2020, deposition,” Rubin blisters.

Read the full bombshell analysis from MSNBC here.

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