Legal Peril Continues To Mount For Donald Trump As NYT Confirms His Own Attorney Will Not Plead The Fifth In D.C. Grand Jury Testimony

Things just keep getting worse and worse for Donald Trump.

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Scandal-ridden former President Donald Trump continues to face mounting legal peril from every conceivable direction at this point — ranging from the Manhattan District Attorney’s hush money investigation that’s expected to produce a formal criminal indictment against the ex-president any day now, to the New York Attorney General’s lawsuit against his family company, to the Fulton County DA’s election investigation, to the DOJ’s special counsel probes into multiple alleged Trump crimes, including the January 6th attack, the attempt to overthrow a US election, and the infamous stolen government document scandal — and things seem to just get worse and worse for the former guy with each passing moment.

One of Donald Trump’s own lawyers, Evan Corcoran, will appear before a Washington D.C. grand jury today in connection to DOJ Special Counsel Jack Smith’s investigation into the documents allegedly stolen by the ex-president and stashed away at his Mar-a-Lago resort. Corcoran’s appearance alone is rather historic in nature, in the sense that it is extremely rare to see a case where attorney-client privilege has been broken. However, the severity of the case against Trump led four different judges to agree that Evan and Donald’s attorney-client privilege could and should be broken, as all evidence points to a crime having been committed.

Now, to make matters that much worse for Donald Trump, the New York Times now confirms that Evan Corcoran will not be invoking his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination during his appearance before the jury.

“The extraordinary back-and-forth in the past several weeks between Mr. Trump’s lawyers, Mr. Corcoran and his lawyers, and Mr. Smith’s prosecutors — not to mention with multiple witnesses who are also Mr. Trump’s lawyers, as well as all of their lawyers — has turned the federal courthouse in Washington into a bustling hive of Trump-related inquiries,” the Times report reads.

“The latest example came on Thursday when lawyers for Mr. Trump — including Mr. Corcoran — appeared before a new chief judge, James E. Boasberg, with lawyers for former Vice President Mike Pence,” NYT confirms. “They were there to discuss some issues related to Mr. Pence’s testimony before a grand jury investigating Mr. Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election, an inquiry also being overseen by Mr. Smith, the special counsel.”

Find the full report from the New York Times here.

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