Lindsey Graham Angers Social Media Users After Tweeting “Trump’s 3rd Term Is Looking Better And Better”

Well, that was a bad idea.

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Trump lapdog Lindsey Graham is unsurprisingly back on his bullshit once again, as if he ever really got off it — encouraging Donald Trump’s dream of being president until the day he dies.

There has been a lot of speculation over the years as to what exactly happened that turned the once staunchly anti-Trump senator into a sycophant for the ages — with one theory suggesting that Donald has some dirt on him regarding a few less-than-tasteful sexual kinks from his past. But whatever it is that Trump is holding over his head, it’s working. Because since Donald illegitimately nabbed the presidency, he has found no grater champion than that of Senator Lindsey Graham.

It seems that Graham wants to continually remind the president of his loyalty and what better way to do that then combine Donald’s two favorite things — dictatorship and Twitter.

Graham recently took to his own Twitter account and posted an article from Fox News (because in their world that’s the only news outlet that exists,) in which he expressed his contempt at packing the Supreme Court. And with the article, he included a caption that was sure to earn him a handful of Donald Trump brownie points:

“Packing the Supreme Court… Bad idea. Liberal dream. Trump’s 3rd term is looking better and better!”

Before I go any further — you can shove a third, or even second term straight up your ass, Graham.

Now, given that he chose the Twitter platform to express himself, no doubt in an attempt to catch Donnie’s attention, he did obviously open himself up to the rest of the people who use Twitter in addition to Donald Trump, and they had plenty to say:

Seriously Graham, the world finding out that you’re on the freaky side is far better than continuing to kiss Trump’s double-wide ass. It’s 2019. Nobody cares what you dig in the bedroom. It’s not worth it.

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