Lindsey Graham Appears To Get Immediately Fact-Checked By The Internet Over Tweet About Lev Parnas

Not having a good day, Linds?

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Joseph Bondy, the attorney for indicted Florida businessman and Rudy Giuliani associate Lev Parnas, who is involved in Donald Trump’s Ukraine scandal, has been dropping tidbits of information on Republicans who seem to be complicit in this swampy drama. Now, from what we’ve observed about Bondy: Do not come at his client because he will start throwing furniture at you. He does not like seeing people trying to ratfuck Parnas, so he will run at them and throw the entire living room set in their faces. One of those people who is now the recipient of a whole living room set being hurled at him is South Carolina Republican Lindsey Graham, who Bondy just linked to the Ukraine saga.

Bondy tweeted on Monday that his client had received tickets to attend Wednesday’s proceedings from Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer but he couldn’t arrange to have Lev Parnas watch the trial with his team “because his GPS ankle monitor is not allowed.” He added that Parnas is with them in Washington, DC, though.

The ankle monitor was attached to Parnas after he was indicted in connection with an alleged campaign finance scheme to use a shell company to donate money to a pro-Trump election committee. That detail and Parnas’ connection to Trump and a shitload of Republicans must have escaped Graham.

“The best way to sum up this whole debacle is to understand that Senator Schumer’s desire for Lev Parnas to attend the Senate trial apparently cannot be accommodated because Mr. Parnas has an electronic ankle bracelet imposed upon him by the court,” Graham tweeted. “You can’t make this up.”

Twitter users gave Graham a reality check.

Watch this, Linds:

And Ted Cruz got fact-checked, too, by Bondy:

Thanks, Lindsey, for bringing it to our attention that yet another Trump associate is wearing an ankle monitor. Bondy is gong to throw ALL of the furniture at them now.

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