Watch Adam Schiff Put Dershowitz In A Corner, Asks How Republicans Would Respond If Obama Extorted Ukraine

You know he's right.

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House Impeachment Manager Adam Schiff (D.-Calif.) went there on Wednesday to ask his Republican colleagues something most of us have been wondering: What would Republicans have done if former President Barack Obama had pulled the shit that Donald Trump is complicit in doing? You know the answer to that. Alan Dershowitz, a lawyer on Donald Trump’s Senate impeachment defense team, has basically argued that Trump can abuse the power of his office since it’s not unconstitutional. The Framers would beg to differ, though, and probably want to come back from the dead just to slap every last shit out of Dershowitz.

We’ve gone from Republicans saying there was no quid pro quo to it’s perfectly acceptable to dangle a quid pro quo over a foreign leader’s head to get dirt on a political rival. Dershowitz argued that the “president” would be justified in launching any investigations into his rival, former Vice President Joe Biden if Trump believed that winning his election was in the public interest. That’s the most in-fucking-sane argument I’ve heard yet.

Schiff was not amused, apparently, so he dragged Dershowitz around the Senate floor by his nose hairs, metaphorically speaking, of course. Schiff asked if it would have been cool with Republicans if Obama was caught extorting a foreign country that direly needed aid to get dirt on Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT), who was Obama’s opponent in the 2012 presidential election.

Schiff, in a nutshell, said, of course, it would not be acceptable for any president to do that, you thoroughly stupid Republican reprobates.

“See how you feel about this scenario,” Schiff said. “President Obama, on an open mic says to [Russian politician Dmitry Medvedev], ‘I know you don’t want me to send this military money to Ukraine because they’re fighting and killing your people. I want you to do me a favor, though. I want you to do an investigation of Mitt Romney, and I want you to announce you found dirt on Mitt Romney, and if you’re willing to do that quid pro quo, I won’t give Ukraine the money they need to fight you on the front line.’ Do any of us have any question that Barack Obama would be impeached for that kind of misconduct?”


Dershowitz is just making shit up at this point. I wonder if Chief Justice Roberts was facepalming over his bizarre defense. Because I’m definitely over here yelling at the TV right now.

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