Lindsey Graham Could Be In Trouble As Georgia State Election Board Was Asked To Investigate Whether He Tried To Interfere In Presidential And Senate Elections

Did he really think he could get away with this?

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It seems that the Trump cronies left in Congress know good and well that they’re in pretty big trouble for at least the next four years, now that their Dear Leader has lost the election to Democrat Joe Biden. This fact has led several of these GOP idiots to go to pretty desperate lengths in an attempt to somehow pull off a second term for Donald Trump that he didn’t actually win.

For most of them, their antics have just left them looking like the complete and utter fools that they are. However, for South Carolina Senator and Trump sycophant supreme Lindsey Graham, it may have led to some legal troubles of his own.

A phone call between Graham and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger on the heels of the election is coming back to bite the GOP Senator in the rear after Raffensperger he was “stunned” in the wake of the exchange, in which he claims that he felt Senator Graham was asking him to “look hard and see how many ballots you could throw out.”

Now, according to a report from Forbes, the former U.S. Attorney for Atlanta, Michael J. Moore, has requested that the Georgia State Election Board launch an investigation into Graham’s conduct to determine if the senator committed a criminal act during his exchange with Raffensperger. Moore asserts that Graham’s request during the phone call in question was a direct violation of several Georgia election laws and ultimately amounted to Graham attempting to form “a conspiracy to commit election fraud.”

“Based upon the public reporting of Senator Graham’s telephone call, including interviews given by Secretary Raffensperger and his staff, it appears this was an effort by the current Chairman of the United States Senate Judiciary Committee to potentially disenfranchise Georgia voters,” Moore says.

The former Atlanta U.S. Attorney also asked that an investigation be conducted to determine if Graham has attempted to interfere in Georgia’s upcoming Senate runoffs — an election that will ultimately affect the majority in the Senate moving forward.

Thus far, Graham has not responded to requests for comments regarding a possible investigation into his conduct, though he did quickly deny any wrongdoing when news of the phone call broke, saying that the exchange was mischaracterized and he was only trying to protect the integrity of the United States election.

You can read the full report here.

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