Lindsey Graham Doubles Down On His Defense Of Trump, Says He’s Made Up His Mind: “There’s Nothing There”

Is that so, Lindsey?

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South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham has been leading the charge on the GOP’s shaky defense against Donald Trump’s impeachment ever since the brave whistleblower revealed that Donald conducted a more than shady phone call with the Ukranian president in which he attempted to extort the world leader into giving him dirt on his political opponent by withholding military aid and funding.

Since this individual came forward and blew the whistle on Trump’s corrupt transgressions, House Democrats have opened a formal impeachment inquiry into the president which has resulted in numerous bombshell testimonies — despite Donald’s best efforts to prevent anyone from testifying — that have not only corroborated the whistleblower’s claims but some of which have painted an even worse picture for Donnie.

Since it’s becoming increasingly clear that Trump did do just exactly what he’s being accused of, his party of GOP sycophants has been grasping at straws to bust him out of hot water on little more than a technicality. And when that doesn’t work, it seems that folks like Graham are now just resorting to plain ol’ denial.

Graham recently sat down for a one on one interview with KCCI chief political reporter Cynthia Fodor where he made it very clear that his mind was made up when it comes to Donald Trump’s Ukraine call.

“You make your mind up about the phone call. I made my mind up. There’s nothing there,” Graham stated.

“I’m trying to let the House know, ‘You’re dividing America for no good reason.’ We got a lot of things we should be doing, like lowering drug costs and getting a trade deal with Canada and Mexico,” he continued.

This is far from the first time the once staunch Trump detractor has taken this tactic concerning Trump’s impeachment, either.

Just last week he declared to CBS News that “I’ve written the whole process off” and explained that he would not be reading any of the transcripts of the testimonies that come from witness depositions.

You can write it off all you like, Graham. You can make up your mind until you’re blue in the face. But chances are good that you’ll be denying it all as you watch him and half his cabinet go down in flames regardless of your thoughts.

You can watch the interview here:

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