Lindsey Graham Goes On Fox News, Declares “We’re At War … Politically” With “Mob” Who Want To “Destroy America” By Targeting Confederate Statues

So, Republicans are at war with Americans now?

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Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) declared war on American citizens during an interview on Fox & Friends in which he complained about activists fighting back against the injustices of our capitalist system, Confederate monuments, and hate speech.

Anyone with a brain should know that capitalism in this country is failing as the income inequality gap continues to rise while the wealthy continue to rake in more and more money they don’t need. This not only negatively impacts minorities but also poor whites as well.

And Confederate monuments glorify slavery and white supremacy. They have nothing to do with remembering the Civil War and have only served to inflame racial tensions throughout the nation. That’s why many are being removed or torn down.

But Graham lashed out at the millions of protesters across the country while on Fox News, accusing them of hating America.

“The people doing this hate our country,” Graham said. “They hate the way we were founded, they hate capitalism, they have no respect for religion, they have no respect for diversity of thought. These people are the most radical people known to America.”

In fact, these protesters are fighting to improve our country for everyone and have not been flagged by law enforcement as a threat of any kind.

Graham then made a startling declaration that could incite violence against protesters.

“We’re at war with them politically,” he said. “They want to destroy America as we know it. They hate America, and every symbol of our country, from our flag to a statue. They hate. They want to turn us into a socialist nation. They want to destroy the family unit as we know it.”

Presumably, Graham’s idea of a “family unit” does not include LGBT people.

He then called upon viewers to take sides in the “war” he apparently wants to wage.

“And I tell you what – to the listeners out there: You may not believe you’re in a war but you are, politically, and you need to take sides,” he concluded. “You need to help this President.”

Here’s the video:

Tacking on the word “politically” to his “we’re at war” diatribe is hardly responsible. Right-wing extremists are going to interpret that as a code — a wink, if you will. This is violent rhetoric against the American people no matter how Graham tries to spin it. He demonized Americans who are fighting for change and then claimed this is a war. This after Trump referred to protesters as “terrorists” in an earlier interview on Fox.

This is not a coincidence. Graham and Trump are looking to incite violence. They are just going about it in slightly different ways. And that’s why both need to be defeated in November.

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