Lindsey Graham Says Quiet Part Out Loud, Claims Concerns Over Voting Rights “Is An Effort By The Democratic Leader To Basically Say That Republicans Are A Bunch Of Racists When It Comes To Voting”

I think Lindsey is starting to get it.

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After former President Donald Trump lost the 2020 election to Joe Biden in the popular and electoral vote, Republicans across the country pushed for voting restrictions. Instead of reflecting on better-representing voters with good policies, they put up barriers to make it more difficult for people to vote. President Biden is pushing to pass a voting rights bill known as the Freedom to Vote Act, which has full Democratic support.

On Tuesday, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) called any concerns about threats to voting rights “the most hyped, manufactured issue in a long time.”

“This is an effort by the Democratic leader to basically say that Republicans, at our heart, are a bunch of racists when it comes to voting,” he added.


If he doesn’t want his party to be thought of as “a bunch of racists,” then maybe, and stay with me here for a second, they should stop trying to restrict certain voting groups from casting ballots.

The Freedom to Vote Act would increase Americans’ access to the ballot box, expand early and absentee voting and make it easier for people to comply with state voter ID laws. It would make Election Day a holiday and make automatic voter registration the national standard. It would also restore incarcerated people’s right to vote after finishing their prison sentences.

There is nothing in the Freedom to Vote Act that Republicans should be afraid of unless they want fewer people to vote. Republicans know that the more people vote, the less likely they will get elected.

Lindsey Graham knows this. Still, last year the South Carolina Republican called the voting rights bill “the biggest power grab” in US history. How is voting considered a power grab? I don’t even think Graham believes what Graham just said.

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