Lindsey Graham Squirms As Fox Host Confronts Him Over Leaked Audio Recording Where The GOP Senator Praises Joe Biden: “I Was Wrong”


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Republican South Carolina Senator and Trump sycophant supreme, Lindsey Graham, was not a happy camper this week when he got called out, right to his face, by a Right-wing Fox News host over recently leaked audio that featured the GOP lawmaker criticizing Trump and heaping his praises on Joe Biden, shortly after the infamous January 6th Capitol attack.

Earlier this week, CNN played an audio clip of Lindsey Graham speaking with New York Times reporter Jonathan Martin on the say of the deadly insurrection. Martin has recently co-authored a tell-all book with his fellow Times reporter Alexander Burns, This Will Not Pass: Trump, Biden, and the Battle for America’s Future.

In the audio clip, recorded on the very same day that Donald Trump’s supporters had just violently stormed the nation’s Capitol building with Congress inside, the Republican senator says, “We’ll actually come out of this thing stronger. Moments like this reset. It’ll take a while. People will calm down. People will [say] ‘I don’t want to be associated with that.’ This is a group within a group. What this does, it’ll be a rallying effect for a while, where the country says, ‘We’re better than this.'”

Martin asked, “And Biden will help that, right?”

“Totally,” Senator Graham responded, “he’ll be maybe the best person to have, right? I mean, how mad can you get at Joe Biden?”

Yesterday, Fox host Jesse Watters confronted Graham after playing the clip on a segment of Jesse Watters Primetime. 

“Joe Biden,” Watters said with an air of Right-wing disappointment after the audio clip played. “The best person to have? Do you really believe that?”

A squirming Graham replied with an awkward chuckle, “I was wrong. I’ve known Joe for 30 years. He’s a nice guy, but he’s been a disaster as president.”

Graham went on to try to explain himself, claiming that he had hoped Joe Biden would serve to unite the country as president.

“But not only has he failed to bring us together,” he went on to add, “He has made us less safe. He’s ruined our economy. All the bad guys are moving around the world. They didn’t do this on Trump’s watch because they were afraid of him. Nobody fears Joe Biden abroad, and at home his policies are failing.”

To make things a little more awkward and embarrassing still for the Republican lawmaker, Graham wasn’t just busted praising Joe Biden, he was also recorded criticizing Trump in the wake of the attack.

“He’s misjudged the passion, he plays the TV game and he went too far here,” Lindsey Graham said of Donald Trump. “That rally didn’t help, talking about primarying [Liz Cheney]. He created a sense of revenge.”

Of course, Fox News conveniently left that part out in the audio clip they confronted Graham with on the segment.

You can watch the awkward clip here:

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