Lindsey Graham’s Former Staffer Spoke Out Against Him, Slammed Him For Being “One Of The Most Fawning Trump Sycophants In The Entire GOP Herd”

They've hit a new low.

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Over the course of the past four years, under the reign of terror that has been the Trump administration, we truly thought we had seen the worst of what these sycophantic GOPers have to offer. But now that Donald has very clearly lost the 2020 presidential election, yet refuses to accept the results and concede, we’re being shown their seediest underbelly yet.

Many of these GOP Congresspeople are proving that their loyalty to America’s biggest nightmare really and truly knows no bounds. Folks like South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham have taken this opportunity to prove just how disgustingly low they really are. And don’t think for a moment that people aren’t taking notice.

Penning his disdain in a blistering op-ed for the Bulwark, Nicholas Connors, a former staffer to Senator Lindsey Graham, said that he worked for the GOPer because he thought that Graham was a man with “moral clout” who was “unafraid to speak his mind and who would be a good guide for the American people.”


But… “Needless to say, I was wrong,” Conner wrote.

Graham, who was once one of Donald Trump’s most fiery critics, has now turned into “one of the most fawning Trump sycophants in the entire GOP herd,” Conner blisters before adding that many of his former fellow colleagues for the senator all wonder where it went wrong for Lindsey Graham.

“It seems that for Graham, changing one’s operational code to fit the political climate so as to stay close to power is not just acceptable—it’s part of his inherent identity,” Conner pens.”The flippant manner in which he speaks about not standing on principles makes it clear how he could go from telling Americans they should ‘tell Donald Trump to go to hell’ to effectively licking Trump’s boots on command.”

Speaking of Graham’s newest low when it comes to the election debacle headed by Trump himself, and namely Graham’s participation in attempting to have Georgia ballots throw out, Conner writes, “This goes beyond indulging Trump’s conspiracy theories and into the realm of actively trying to undermine the democratic process.”

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You can read the full op-ed here.

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