“Lock Him Up” Chants Ring Out In Reference To Republican Govenor Brian Kemp As Lin Wood Calls For Supporters To Go To Governor’s Mansion: “Circle It”

They're eating their own.

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Georgia voting official Gabriel Sterling issued a powerful announcement on Tuesday after death threats poured in directed toward Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, his wife, and others. “Someone’s going to get hurt; someone’s going to get shot, someone’s going to get killed,” Sterling said. “It’s not right.” The Georgia official also called out Donald Trump over his rhetoric and the silence from conservatives.

Meanwhile, Lin Wood — an attorney who seems to be a QAnon quack — and ex-Trump lawyer Sydney Powell appeared at a gathering and did the exact opposite of what Sterling demanded. Wood is a hot mess, so standing alongside Powell seemed fitting as they try to help Trump in overturning the presidential election.

Lin Wood aimed at the Georgia official, saying, “You listen up, Gabriel. You’re not going to sell our votes to China” while Powell stood in the background. And things took an odd turn when both Powell and Wood encouraged Trumpers not to vote in January’s special runoff elections. That would, in effect, help Democrats demote Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, so thanks!


Wood also called on Georgia Republicans to sit out on the upcoming election — and we’re OK with that.

“Lock him up” chants rang out directed at Republican Governor Brian Kemp. Wood demanded Kemp’s resignation after he encouraged Trumpers to circle the Governor’s mansion.


Well, they aren’t very good at lawyering:

Wood may think he is a rock star or a pastor as he shouts out controversial messages, but I just see a lot of tiny dick energy.

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