Longtime Trump Organization CFO Testified Under Oath That Donald’s Children Gave Him A $200K Raise After They Caught Him Cooking Company Books: Report

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Recently, we reported on the bombshell news that former longtime Trump Organization chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg finally delivered his under-oath testimony in a Manhattan court, where he officially turned on the entire Trump family.

In his bombshell under-oath testimony, Allen Weisselberg — who has enjoyed a decades-long relationship with the Trump family on both a professional and personal level — officially implicated not only scandal-ridden former President Donald J. Trump but his two eldest sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump as well, in a massive, long-running tax evasion and fraud scheme.

According to reporting from the Washington Post, even Weisselberg himself fully recognized what he’s done, as he reportedly grew teary-eyed in the courtroom, as he told the court of the ways Donald J. Trump illegally dodged his tax obligations before taking office as the president of the United States.

Trump hasn’t taken well to the news of Weisselberg’s brutally damning testimony, but that hasn’t stopped the CFO’s testimony from getting worse and worse for the former president and his family.

Bombshell reporting from the New York Post confirms that Allen Weisselberg testified in the Manhattan trial and revealed that Donald Trump’s eldest two sons, Eric and Don Jr., at one point discovered that Weisselberg was implementing shady and unlawful tax tricks to cook the books for the family company. However, the two Trump children did not demote, terminate, or punish the chief financial officer upon their discovery of shady practices — but rather gave him a stunning $200,000 raise.

Priscilla DeGregory and Khristina Narizhnaya with the New York Post report:

Eric and Donald Trump Jr. in 2017 learned Weisselberg, 75, and two other top execs had been getting cushy perks that they didn’t report on their taxes — yet nobody was penalized, Weisselberg testified at the Manhattan Supreme Court tax fraud trial against the Trump Org. The sons learned of the tax cheating during a ‘cleanup process’ the company underwent with tax auditors when Trump took office as president, Weisselberg said.”

“When prosecutor Susan Hoffinger asked the longtime chief financial officer if the Trump Org demoted or punished him in light of the discovery, he said no,” the brutal report goes on to read. “‘Were you in fact given a raise … that totaled approximately $200,000?’ Hoffinger asked. ‘Correct,’ Weisselberg replied on his final day of testimony.”

Weisselberg has long been considered the most devout, most loyal member of the Trump Organization, and it was pretty widely accepted that he would go down with the sinking ship before turning on the family that essentially made him who he is today. But it didn’t go down that way in the end…

Allen Weisselberg ultimately accepted a plea deal with prosecutors earlier this year, as the one individual with the most unfettered access to the Trump Organization’s entire financial operations, and admitted that he accepted a staggering $1.7 million in non-monetary benefits from the Trump family company as a way of evading tax responsibilities for the ex-president’s business.

Weisselberg’s damning testimony was part of a plea deal made with Manhattan prosecutors that will allow him to serve only a 5 month prison sentence for his tax crimes. The CFO’s testimony has already exposed a series of explosive, never-before-known details regarding the inner workings of the Trump Organization — including damning implications against Trump and his children, including the revelation that Donald himself “authorized” the schemes and tricks, the revelation that Weisselberg was never truly fired from the company and instead remained on the Trump Organization payroll and continued to implement these schemes despite the company’s public claims that they severed ties with the CFO, and the bombshell revelation that these schemes continued up until pretty much the moment Donald Trump took office in 2017 and the legal scrutiny of his business practices began.

Read the full report from the New York Post here.

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