Trump Org CFO Turns On The Trump Family In Explosive Testimony, Implicates Donald And Children In Massive, Long-Running Tax Fraud Scheme

This. Is. BIG.

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Former longtime Trump Organization chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg finally delivered his under-oath testimony in court today, where he officially turned on the entire Trump family — and even Weisselberg himself knows it.

CBS News is now out with absolutely bombshell new reporting, revealing that Allen Weisselberg — who has enjoyed a decades-long relationship with the Trump family on both a professional and personal level — has officially implicated not only scandal-ridden former President Donald J. Trump but his two eldest sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump as well, in a massive, long-running tax evasion and fraud scheme.

CBS News reports:

Weisselberg said Donald Trump, or at times Eric Trump or Donald Trump Jr., signed checks to pay up to $100,000 for private school tuition for Weisselberg’s grandchildren. Weisselberg said he then instructed the company’s controller to deduct the $100,000 from his salary, allowing him to report a smaller income. Copies of some of the checks signed by the Trumps have been shown in court. “

To make matters that much worse for the former president and his obviously corrupt family company, Weisselberg further testified that not only is he still employed by and on the Trump Organization payroll to this day, but also confirmed that the aforementioned tax fraud scheme continued to take place up until the moment Donald Trump was sworn into the office of the US presidency and entities began to almost instantly scrutinize the company, according to additional reporting from CNN.

“Mr. Trump became president and everybody was looking at our company from every different angle you could think of including himself personally,” Weisselberg testified to the court. “We felt at the time, let’s go through all the practices that we’ve been utilizing over the years and make sure we correct everything we have to correct.”

The former CFO also claimed that the scheme involving the company handing out bonuses to executives via the 1099 independent contractor forms first began in the 1980s, before his start with the company in 1986, and Weisselberg claimed that he had no idea or information regarding how the scheme got its start.

CBS News adds:

Two Trump Organization entities and Weisselberg are accused of more than a dozen counts of fraud and tax evasion. Weisselberg entered a guilty plea in August, admitting to charges filed by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office accusing him of receiving more than $1.7 million in untaxed compensation.”

This bombshell development comes in the direct aftermath of Donald Trump’s official 2024 campaign announcement.

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