Look At Trump’s Body Language As He Sits Like An Angry Toddler While Fauci Takes The Lead During COVID Briefing

Does...does he need his binky?

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Donald Trump is a deeply insecure and flawed individual whose mental health has come into question on numerous occasions. The former reality show star even wears high heeled shoes to give the appearance of being taller, so the bar is kind of low at this point. Amid the national crisis with the US death toll nearing fifty-nine thousand from COVID-19, it would be nice if we had a president who listens to experts, but that’s not who we have at the helm.

Dr. Anthony Fauci — our country’s top infectious disease expert — spoke about the clinical trial for potential coronavirus treatment drug remdesivir to say, “What it has proven is that a drug can block this virus … This drug happens to be blocking an enzyme that the virus uses.”

But judging by the former reality show star’s body language, he wasn’t receptive to the good news even though more than one million Americans have now contracted the potentially deadly disease. The entire time Fauci was speaking, Donald sat there with his arms crossed, and his legs straddled.


Huh. It’s almost as if Trump is trying to put a barrier up between our nation’s top infectious disease expert and himself to protect him from facts. And perhaps, Trump is feeling insecure and vulnerable while the popular doctor is speaking. We’ve all seen Trump’s physical posturing before in which, at times, he tries to lord over people in an attempt to look more important. In this case, Trump’s insecurities are on full display, especially since the president has been called out recently over the voodoo science theories he offers an already panicked nation.

Like, for example, Trump wondered if injecting disinfectant could cure the coronavirus. And during that particular news briefing, Dr. Trump also pondered whether light and heat could kill the disease. After being blasted for his dangerous rhetoric, apparently Trump is just going to cross his legs, and fold his arms while the experts are talking.

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