“Made My Life Miserable”: MTG Said She Hates Being In Congress, Her 6-Figure Salary Is Not Enough Money, Americans Were Happy To Show Her The Door

Lady, you are more than welcome to leave any time.

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Georgia’s highly-controversial Republican House Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene effectively stuck her foot in her mouth and proceeded to swallow that thing whole, no chaser, when she used a recent episode of her podcast to announce to the world that she actually hates being in Congress, her 6 figure salary is way too low and caused her to “lose money,” and essentially, we should all be groveling at her feet in gratitude and praise for her choice to remain in Congress because she “believes” in it, despite the fact that she apparently despises the gig.

Suffice it to say, as I’m sure you can imagine, that didn’t exactly go over well for her among the American people she actually represents.

Greene, who’s been wrapped up in her own nasty scandals lately as a result of her broken marriage, went on quite the self-serving rant in her recent podcast episode, where she loves to basically talk to herself with no one around to challenge a word she says.

“The nature of this job – it keeps members of congress and senators in Washington so much of the time, too much of the time to be honest with you, that we don’t get to go home and spend more time with our families, our friends, you know, all in our district, or maybe just be regular people because this job is so demanding, and it’s turned into practically year-round,” MTG said with regard to her gig as a US congresswoman. “And for those of us in the House of Representatives, we have to run for Congress every two years. So you’re practically campaigning nearly the entire time that you’re here serving as a representative. So that’s just a couple of examples that I can give you that I believe is a recipe for disaster, and that’s how people just fall into this social club. I would call it a social club here in Washington, DC.”

Greene ran for her second term in the US House of Representatives in November’s midterm election and won, and multiple reports have recently indicated that she’s heavily eyeing a VP spot on Donald Trump’s ticket in 2024.

“Now, for me, I have no interest in that. I really don’t. And I’ll tell you why,” Marjorie continued to rant. “Becoming a member of Congress has made my life miserable. I made a lot more money before I got here. I’ve lost money since I’ve gotten here. I have people come up to me and say crazy things to me out of the blue in public places that they believe because they read it on the Internet or saw it on some news show about me. So it’s not a life that I think is, like, something that I enjoy because I don’t enjoy it. But I’m committed to this job because I believe in it.”

It’s worth noting here that Greene rakes in a whopping $174,000 a year in her taxpayer-funded salary as a rank-and-file member of Congress.

Frankly, Americans didn’t have a lot of sympathies to be found for the QAnon congresswoman:

The door is in the same spot it was when you came in it, lady.

You can watch the clip of Greene’s whiney rant here:

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