MAGA Pastor Turns On Trump, Calls Out His “Arrogance,” And Warns He Is Going To “Lose His Voter Base”

Trump is losing his base.

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Pastor Greg Locke, head of the Baptist Global Vision Bible Church in Juliet, Tennessee, certainly has changed in a year. Last year, he insisted that former President Donald Trump is still in charge of the country, and he repeatedly screamed to his hundreds of cheering church followers: “Joe Biden is a fake president.” Imagine being so mentally flawed that you form or follow such insane conspiracy theories. Locke sounds like the pillow salesman, Mike Lindell.

The twice-impeached one-term President cost his party the House, the Senate, and the Presidency. Trump was the least popular President in polling history, and millions of jobs were lost on his watch in the election year. The former President did terribly in his first debate with Joe Biden, and he pulled out of the second debate. And yet, they think that President Joe Biden didn’t beat Trump in the electoral and popular vote.

“Stop sitting on your butt and waiting for Donald Trump to do something in this nation,” Locke said. “Stop it! Stop it!”

“I’m sick of Trump worship in this church,” he continued before blasting the former President over his recent endorsement of vaccines for COVID-19. “He needs to quit pushing this mess,” Locke said. He then declared that if Trump doesn’t stop supporting “this vaccine nonsense, he is going to lose his voter base in the next coming election.”


Last year, Locke threatened to throw out anyone that showed up in church wearing a protective face mask amid the raging pandemic. We need to tax the church. He’s blatantly politicizing the pulpit. He’s not even trying to hide it. He’s good at moving the goalposts, though. At least he’s now admitting that Trump isn’t running this country. Bless his heart.

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