Major Texas Newspaper Publishes Scathing Editorial Comparing Biden’s “Hope And Light And Love” To Trump

Hopefully, everyone in Texas is reading this editorial.

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Donald Trump and Joe Biden are currently locked in a dead heat in Texas, a state Trump desperately needs to win if he is to have any chance at all of getting re-elected in November. But a new editorial in The Houston Chronicle could shave even more votes from Trump’s tally.

Biden sent a message of “hope and light and love” to the nation during his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention this week, making it clear that he is far different in every way from Trump.

“[A]fter almost four years of an administration fueled by divisiveness, Biden’s speech was a balm to the blistering political paralysis that has left us looking for leadership in the face of disaster,” the newspaper’s editorial board wrote.

Indeed, Trump has not demonstrated a shred of leadership during his presidency. His recklessness and incompetence have been particularly on display throughout the coronavirus pandemic, which has killed 175,000 Americans as Trump pushed fake treatments, ignored health experts, claimed the virus will magically “go away” and shrugged off the death toll as “it is what it is” while playing golf and rage tweeting.

This is not how Biden will govern. He will listen to experts and will not treat his critics as enemies. He certainly will not rage over the smallest of slights and won’t make everything about himself.

Over the course of four days, the Chronicle continued, “the Democratic Party effectively made its case that President Donald Trump has not only failed to rise to the occasion, he has made things worse by undermining trust in institutions, by letting petty personal grievances cloud his judgment and by stoking hate and partisanship.”

Trump has repeatedly made it clear that he doesn’t care about all of the American people, punishing blue states while rushing to the aid of red states, attacking Democratic lawmakers while lauding Republicans, especially if those Republicans kissed his a**.

More than half the country has been ignored by Trump as if they have no president.

“As the convention sought to prove, America is big enough for all,” the Chronicle noted.

And that’s true. Even several Republicans spoke during the convention and openly endorsed Biden. That’s incredibly rare and proves that Biden truly is the unifying candidate this country needs. Trump is unfit for the office he holds, and he will only continue to divide us and push a fascist agenda that threatens democracy and the rule of law. If Texas votes for Biden, this race is over and the current nightmare will come to a merciful end.

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