Man Tweets Exactly What Trump Tweets As An Experiment, Gets Suspended For Offensive Content

But, Trump says he's treated unfairly.

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Donald Trump has been tweeting out violent messages for a while now, and at one point, it appeared that the president would start a war with Iran on Twitter. And in another tweet in 2018, Americans were horrified after it looked as if the president was threatening nuclear war with North Korea. It wasn’t until recently that Twitter filtered a couple of Trump’s tweets when during civil unrest, the president called protesters “THUGS” and even appeared to suggest shooting at looters.

Trump, of course, threw a massive hissy-fit over that and felt that he was mistreated. However, if anyone else unleashed similar tweets suggesting violence toward others, he or she would be banned from the platform.

To prove that point, a man started an account as an experiment where he tweets precisely what the president tweets, and that account got suspended in twelve-hours time.

@SuspendThePres started his account with this tweet to explain his experiment.

And his account went down:

Trumpers got really mad when their president’s tweets were filtered, but obviously Twitter has been letting the former reality show star get away with more than other Twitter users by unleashing violent content.

We shouldn’t have to point out that Trump is the President of the United States, so he should not be issuing threats of violence on social media. For someone who loves to play the strong man, Donald Trump is really just a monumental coward. I’m banned on the site, and for the life of me, I can’t figure out why, but I didn’t cry about it like a little bitch. Trump, on the other hand, never stops crying.

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