Manhattan Socialite Made A Stunning Controversial Claim, Alleged Ivanka Trump Had An Abortion In High School

Well, well, well... Are you surprised?

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As the nation reeled and rose up against the recent, heinous decision by the US Supreme Court to overturn the landmark 1973 decision to overturn Roe V. Wade that federally protected a woman’s right to an abortion, one Manhattan socialite wasn’t here for Ivanka Trump’s silence on the topic and instead decided to spill the tea all over the former First Daughter’s already shaky reputation.

In an absolutely, brutally damning call-out tweet, Lauren Santo Domingo set her sights on ex-President Donald Trump’s eldest daughter. Ivanka Trump, the day after the highly-controversial SCOTUS decision.

“Ivanka Trump, you are noticeably quiet today,” Santo Domingo wrote on Twitter on June 25, the day after the Supreme Court decision. “The high school friends who took you to get an abortion are not.”

Radar OnlineΒ reports that Ivanka Trump and Lauren Santo Domingo, both high-key socialites, used to be quite close friends, often being spotted out together in New York in their younger years, though their friendship appears to be long over, as the pair haven’t been seen together in a while.

Santo Domingo ultimately deleted the tweet, but it spread like wildfire on social media for all of eternity, even being screenshot and tweeted by Melania Trump’s former very close friend, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff:

Social media responded pretty much exactly as you’d expect:

The truth ALWAYS comes out, sweetie.

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