Marjorie Taylor Greene Busted Using Altered Photo To Push Unhinged Theory About Highland Park Suspect

Oh, for Pete's sake.

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The GOP’s biggest embarrassment is at it again, folks.

Republican Georgia House Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has been brutally busted for utilizing a ridiculously altered photo of Highland Park shooting suspect Robert Crimo III, as she attempted to call into question the “dark” history of the man who stands accused of killing 6 people and injuring dozens more in an Independence Day pass shooting.

Following the Fourth of July mass murder, Crimo reportedly posted a series of disturbing videos to the internet, resulting in his profile being taken down before the shooting took place. Greene launched an attack against that decision, opining that the best way to prevent a mass shooting is gaining understanding on the “dark and destructive path” that a suspect takes in life.

In her Twitter thread, the GOP House rep. also called into question Crimo’s mental state as well as the possibility of prescription drug abuse. She went on to post a clearly photoshopped image of the suspect holding a Bible up in what appeared to be a jail cell.

“Is he in jail or rehab or a psychiatric center in this photo? That’s not his bedroom,” Greene wrote on Twitter. “22 yrs old and 5’11 and 120 lbs is not normal or healthy. What drugs or psychiatric drugs or both does he use?”

The Georgia lawmaker demanded that Crimo’s “records” be made public, including school, arrests, medical and recreational drugs, and hospitalizations.

Marje eventually went on to admit that “Supposedly this is photoshopped,” but doubled down that this is just “More reasons to release his records.”

Maybe just fact-check your garbage, huh?

Featured image via screen capture

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