Marjorie Taylor Greene Has A Meltdown At The Podium During Presser, Tells UK Reporter, “Go Back To Your Country”

Oh, for Pete's sake.

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Georgia’s GOP princess Marjorie Taylor Greene is out here showing her ass again.

Just yesterday, Greene effectively got her hind end handed to her on Twitter by her Democratic House colleague Rep. Eric Swalwell, after she attempted to dunk on the Dem. House Rep., only for Swalwell to slap back with brutal audio recordings that put Marje in her place so fast it’s a wonder she doesn’t have whiplash.

But instead of tucking her tail and laying low for a while like we all know she should have, Greene is back out there today, running her unnaturally huge mouth, and paying the price for it in front of God and everybody.

As I’m sure you’re well aware by now, Republicans are big mad over new gun control laws that are coming down the pike, following numerous mass shootings in the United States in a matter of just weeks, over the last couple of months. As such, Marje and a band of her Republican halfwits held a presser today, where they touched on the topic, and it resulted in Greene getting into a bit of a spat with a reporter from the UK — who Marjorie ultimately told to “go back to your country,” after yelling about all the “mass stabbings” they apparently have across the pond.

You can’t make this stuff up, guys. See for yourself:

As if the public beating Eric Swalwell just gave her yesterday wasn’t enough, social media was not kind in the comments:

Girlfriend, you’re digging your own hole here. It’s embarrassing.

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