Bill Barr Left Us Terrified, Seemingly Suggested That Trump Came Unnervingly Close to Staying In Power: “I’m Not Sure We Would Have Had A Transition At All”


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Today’s public January 6th hearing was a heavy one, to say the least, as the House Committee turned their focus onto Donald Trump’s concerted campaign against the US Department of Justice to pressure them into investigating the 2020 presidential election and backing up his Big Lie.

As part of the Committee’s focus today, Wyoming Republican House Rep. and Committee member Liz Cheney played a clip former Trump Attorney General Bill Barr, in which the former head of the DOJ explained why he felt it was so important to begin and complete a Department of Justice investigation into the legitimacy of the 2020 election, after Trump began to heavily peddle his baseless claims of widespread voter and election fraud that he says cost him his second term in the White House.

Barr’s explanation effectively sent chills down our spines, as he revealed just how dire the situation truly was.

In the clip, Barr said, “I am not sure we would’ve had a transition at all” if the US Justice Department had not fully investigated the president’s claims and proven, without a shadow of a doubt, that the 2020 presidential election was not stolen from Donald Trump, and Joe Biden’s win was, in fact, valid and legitimate.

Barr’s remarks that were played by Cheney in the clip shed new light on the Justice Department’s vital role in ulitmately preventing Donald Trump from successfully overthrowing the 2020 election — which would have essentially resulted in a coup.

“As you will hear today, Donald Trump offered Mr. Clark the job of acting attorney general replacing Mr. Rosen with the understanding that Clark would send this letter to Georgia and other states and take other actions the president requested,” Cheney said in her opening remarks, setting the stage for testimony from Jeffrey Clark, an environmental lawyer that Donald Trump wanted to install as the head of DOJ after Jeffrey Rosen refused to go through with his coup plan.

Trump wanted to use the DOJ to pressure key states, such as Georgia, to decertify their election results, throw out the slate of electors who voted in Biden’s favor, and replace them with “fake” Trump electors.

“One other point. Millions of Americans have seen the testimony of Attorney General Barr before this committee. At one point in his deposition, the former attorney general was asked why he authorized the Department of Justice to investigate fraud in the 2020 election,” Cheney said.

She went on to add that Barr was “asked why not just follow the regular course of action and let the investigations occur much later in time, after January 6th? Here’s what he said.”

The Wyoming Republican went on to play the clip of former Trump AG Bill Barr, who said:

I felt the responsible thing to do was to be in a position to have a view as to, whether or not, there was fraud. Frankly, the fact I put myself into the position that I could say we had looked at this and didn’t think there was fraud was really important to moving things forward.

I shudder to think what the situation would have been, if the position of the department was were not looking at this until after Biden is in office, I am not sure we would’ve had a transition at all.”

Watch the clip here:

Featured image via Flickr/Department of Justice public domain 

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