McConnell Suddenly Appears To Be Ready To Vote On Abortion Ban After Blocking Votes On 400 Other Bills

Well isn't this completely unsurprising and equally sickening?

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Senate Majority Leader from Kentucky Mitch McConnell loves to complain that Democrats refuse to get anything accomplished within Congress because they’re too concerned with taking down Donald Trump. However, the man has yet to offer up a legitimate excuse for the hundreds upon hundreds of bills and legislation that are rotting to death on his desk as he refuses to bring them to a vote.

As a matter of fact, there have been over 400 pieces of legislation to land in McConnell’s lap, passed by the House of Representatives, just this year alone. Yet all 400-plus pieces continue to sit there and do nothing more than collect dust as the Majority Leader continues to block the bills from even being brought to a vote on the GOP-stacked Senate floor.

However, it looks at though there’s one thing that Mitch is more than willing to bring to a vote after skirting his duties while simultaneously blaming his corruption and short-fallings on the Democrats in the House. Now, try not to act too surprised when I tell you that it’s a bill aimed solely at controlling women and their bodies.

According to a new report from the New York Times, McConnell is preparing to hold cloture votes on a few different bills meant to severely restrict a woman’s access to abortions later in their pregnancy as well as laws that will criminalize the medical professionals who perform them — despite the fact that both of the bills have been presented to the Senate before, where they met their deserving death as neither one could garner the required support of 60 senators.

One senior Republican aide revealed to the Times that the move wasn’t to actually get the bills passed, but rather to remind Congress where the individuals stood in regard to their feelings about abortions — as if we needed reminding that they’re all pieces of shit.

Funnily enough, though, when it came to his unwillingness to pass legitimate gun legislation last year, Mitch had an excuse that completely contradicts the tactic that’s supposedly being used in regard to these abortion bills.

He told a local radio station back in August of last year, “I want to make a law, not just see this kind of political sparring going on endlessly, which never produces a result.”

Vice president of government relations and public policy for Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Jacqueline Ayers, spoke out against these cruel, inhumane bills, stating, “Let’s be clear: the politicians behind these bills have one ultimate goal in mind: to ban access to safe, legal abortion in this country — and they know the public is not on their side.”

“The American people overwhelmingly support abortion access, and they want a U.S. Senate that works to expand health care, not take it away,” she added.

It seems that McConnell views the Senate the same way Donald views the White House — nothing more than a playground with which he can simply do what he pleases, as he pleases.

But I’ve got news for them both, their time is almost up.

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