Meghan McCain Got Into Screaming Match With Co-Host, Forcing Whoopi Goldberg To Cut To Commercial

I really can't stand her.

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Yet another episode of The View has gone sideways thanks to Meghan McCain when she got into a screaming match with her fellow host Joy Behar over Conservatives who continually refuse to get vaccinated against COVID-19 in an effort to “own the libs” — ultimately forcing Whoopi Goldberg to cut to a commercial.

McCain tried to argue, as a Conservative herself, that Republicans don’t actually err away from the vaccine in an effort to stick it to the other side, but rather because they supposedly have legitimate concerns regarding the safety of the vaccine and that many people she knows are worried about the possible effects they think it has on fertility.

Of course, studies have already shown that the coronavirus vaccine hasn’t produced any adverse effects in pregnant women, but McCain complains that the same studies have looked into the effects on fertility of women who got the shot.

Co-host Sunny Hostin was quick to call people who refuse to get vaccinated against a virus that’s literally caused a global pandemic “selfish” and asserted that people are “supposed to be our brothers and sisters keeper.”

“We’re supposed to take care of each other,” Hostin said. “The notion we have to incentivize people to get vaccinated so they not only protect themselves and their families but their fellow citizens — I guess I can’t make sense of something like that when you have a country like India where there are 4,500 deaths every day from COVID and people there are begging for the vaccine. I don’t understand why in this country where people say this is just the most glorious country in the world where we have all of these freedoms and we have, you know — we just have so much that you have to actually give free metro cards to people, give money to people, enter people into a million-dollar lottery in order for them to take a life-saving vaccine, I just find it, you know, sort of sad and selfish and quite frankly kind of absurd.”

Talks about the vaccine continued with Behar ultimately saying, “You’re not owning the libs by not getting the shot. Nobody is growing an extra arm or head. Everybody is fine. It’s the people not taking it who are not fine. I’m sick of it.”

But Meghan being Meghan just would not leave well enough alone, and went on her own rant:

I think, again, the White House and the CDC has done a terrible job in saying what do you want to own the libs and that’s that? It’s not productive. That’s why people go into their corners. This is coming from a place of fear. I don’t think it’s a place of politics. People don’t understand and don’t know. I don’t like to judge people who aren’t accessible to the same resources and education I am. This is a serious, serious problem in this country. I agree with Sunny it’s a luxury to have the vaccine. I was happy to get vaccinated. Maybe they should make the vaccine card in a size I can carry around in my wallet. It’s this big right now. A lot of things they’ve done, they’re really stupid. I’m also sick of that.”

Things quickly devolved into the two women talking and then shouting over one another.

“A lot of these people that we’re talking about, Meghan, are watching Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson who are telling them that–” Behar tried to explain, but McCain quickly screamed over her, “They are not! They are not!”

At that point, co-host Whoopi Goldberg said, “We’re going to come back,” cutting to a commercial as the two women continued to scream back and forth in the background.

You can watch the clip here:

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