Meghan McCain Had The Audacity To Call Beto O’Rourke “A Two-Bit, Washed-Up” Politician After He Stood Up To Texas Republicans Over Gun Control

Ma'am, take SEVERAL seats.

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In case you had forgotten, Meghan McCain is still a trash bag on two legs of a human being — even if she was willing to admit that she kinda didn’t love Donald Trump.

Yesterday, we reported on Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate and former Democratic presidential runner Beto O’Rourke’s brave move to storm the stage at TX’s current Governor Greg Abbott’s press conference on the heels of the Uvalde elementary school shooting — where 21 people, 19 innocent children and 2 beautiful teachers, were shot and killed by 18-year-old high school drop out turned mass shooter, Salvador Ramos.

O’Rourke was ultimately thrown out of Abbott’s briefing as Republican officials and attendees hurled insults at him, but not before he confronted his GOP opponent face to face for “doing nothing” to staunch the bleeding of gun violence in this country.

And now, the woman who’s only known for being John McCain’s daughter and a damn good place for Whoopi Goldberg to wipe her shoes, had the absolute audacity to call the Democratic TX governor candidate a washed-up two-bit politician for daring to confront Republicans over dead children.

Writing for the Daily Mail (UK) — it seems nowhere other than a tabloid would even entertain this garbage — Meghan fumed:

I know there are many people on social media applauding Beto, but remember, as Dave Chapelle once said ‘Twitter is not a real place.’

I found the entire stunt to be a cheap political ploy, disrespectful to the victims and their families, the community of Uvalde and completely missing the point of the moment.

People need to grieve, heal and yes, look for solutions.

They don’t need two-bit, washed-up politicians creating a circus in their hometown.”

Honey, you can play the higher ground, holier than thou, virtue signaling all day long. The only thing you’ve accomplished in your entire pathetic life is being a shitty Republican politician’s kid. Grab yourself a cookie for all your “hard work,” sit the hell down, and shut the entire f*ck up.

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