Melania Biographer Claimed FLOTUS Knew Her “Hypocritical” Be Best Campaign Would Be Criticized, “She Did It Anyway”

Even her hubby knew that was a bad idea.

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Melania Trump is making damn sure that folks remember her during her time riding her hubby’s coattails through the White House. And she really doesn’t seem to want her legacy to just be limited to Donnie’s embarrassing impeachment and multiple, heinous scandals.

So, like most of the First Ladies to come before her, Melania was quick to nail down an initiative through her position as the president’s wife, which took the form of her “Be Best” campaign — an initiative designed by the first lady to combat cyberbullying.

In and of itself, it’s not a bad idea. In this day and age, cyberbullying is a damn big problem and God knows it needs a solution. Or at the very least a hefty amount of attention.

The problem lies in the woman behind the initiative. Most specifically, the woman’s husband.

While Mel is typically pretty quiet when it comes to her social media accounts, most of her tweets obviously penned by some underpaid, overworked staffer, we all know that her hubby absolutely is NOT.

Frankly, when it comes to cyberbullying I’d not be a bit surprised to find Trump’s mug beside the definition.

Clearly, Donald’s nasty social media habits leave his wife Melania holding the hypocrite bag.

But as it turns out, she just doesn’t really give a damn (cue the jacket, right?).

According to the new book Free, Melania: The Unauthorized Biography, penned by CNN correspondent Kate Bennett, the First Lady knows damn good and well how sanctimonious that little initiative of hers is, she just really and truly doesn’t care.

“She knew that she would get blasted for including cyberbullying in her overall Be Best program… but she did it anyway,” Bennett wrote.

“Her husband even told her it would be a bad idea,” the CNN correspondent who covers the first lady daily continued. “Trump was not unaware that his personal habit of trashing people on Twitter would open his wife up to a ton of backlash for taking up the cause. He warned her against doing it. She did it anyway and has faced the consequences.”

Bennett claimed that Mel’s decision to charge ahead with the initiative despite her husband’s schoolyard bully social media habits was characteristic of the first lady’s “stubborn,” “independent” nature.

“That she picked something to rally around that brought with it added complications because of her husband, thus making the fight against it more difficult, says a lot about who she is,” Bennett states. “Because, like Trump, Melania relishes a good ‘Come at me’ challenge. Go after her, if you will. She doesn’t really seem to care.”

The author goes on to note that Trump’s Twitter habits were quickly identified as the “Achilles heel” in Mel’s cause.

“Her husband is the biggest cyberbully on the plant. How can you tell kids to be nice online when your husband is such a jerk?”

Bennett goes on to point out that Melania’s idea certainly still has yet to bloom into fruition, even 16 months in the making.

“To this day it has no publicly stated framework, timeline, or markers for progress,” she writes. “Melania has done events to promote her platform, but she has mainly done so in conjunction with other government entities that already have programs that dovetail with Melania’s Be Best initiative.”

“Not that Melania cares all that much — she’s just fine with keeping the initiative as it is.”

It seems that woman really just does not give a damn about much of anything.

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