Melania Criticized For International Women’s Day Speech As Trump Launches Twitter Attack Against Elizabeth Warren: “Empty Words, Your Spouse Proves That Everyday”

This didn't go down well.

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Melania Trump, our BeBest-y First Lady, doesn’t seem to be aware that her husband is the biggest bully on the Internet, and at his ego-rallies. On the very same day that Donald Trump once again called Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren “Pochahontas,” Melanie trumpeted International Women’s Day while touting American women who play “vital roles in society” such as working as “elected officials.”

“I’m honored to represent a nation that not only recognizes women around the world who are making a difference internationally, but empowers and supports them in their endeavors so they can affect positive change for others,” the Third Lady said at the International Women of Courage Awards at the State Department in Washington.

“Throughout history, individuals who make the greatest impact and create the most change are all remembered for their acts of courage,” she continued. “These women represent the strength of the female spirit.”

“In the United States, women are playing vital roles in society: They are mothers, wives, doctors, CEOs, and elected officials, to name just a few,” Trump said without one bit of irony.

Watch the hypocrisy flow from her mouth:

Twitter users were not impressed by Melania’s fake-ass speech.

It’s difficult to respect a woman who launched an anti-bullying initiative while she’s married to a man who routinely mocks a teenage climate activist. There is nothing real about this shallow woman or her self-absorbed husband. To try to go from “I really don’t care, do you” to “women are playing vital roles in society” is the height of hypocrisy.

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