Melania Goes On Social Media To Tweet About Mental Health Day And It Doesn’t End Well

The second worst person to say this.

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Today is Mental Health Day and all over the globe people are raising awareness and advocacy against the social stigma against individuals with mental health issues. The subject of mental health in the year 2020 is even more relevant during these uncertain times where people are more vulnerable than ever. Most of us know someone who is currently battling or has battled with these issues; awareness and discussion are healthy things when done by the right people.  Sadly Melania is generally not one of those people.

Perhaps Melania is being sincere or maybe it was suggested to her by an aide to make her look good; she tweeted this:


As innocuous as that tweet is, it is questionable that it would come from her.  Given her husband’s personal contribution to fomenting mental health issues among the populace – it’s hard to take her seriously whether she means it or not.  Also, don’t forget her feelings about kids being locked in cages. Listen below:

The responses Melania received on social media stayed on point.

No, she probably doesn’t — the sentiment was nice and all, but she shouldn’t have tweeted it out, especially while she is currently aiding and abetting her husband’s fight against pre-existing conditions, mental health being the largest one of all.

Featured image via Flickr/White House, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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Chris Gifford