Melania Trump’s Cash Flow Was Called Into Question After She Auctioned Off Some Of Her Belongings With Her Autograph: “I Guess Mel ‘Be Broke'”

A little skint, Mel?

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Former First Lady Melania Trump certainly seemed eager to jump ship when her husband’s tumultuous presidency finally came to a humiliating close. However, nearly a year following her departure from the White House, Mel’s recent behavior has people wondering if the purse strings are getting tight.

Recently, we reported that Melania has bizarrely put an NFT (non-fungible token) up for sale, as part of her new, strange venture into the world of cryptocurrency and digital art. Now this week, the former First Lady announced that she’s also auctioning off a few of her personal belongings, including a hat she donned during an official state visit to the U.S. by French President Emmanuel Macron — complete with her autograph and a $250,000 starting price tag.

Melania seems to be the first of all the US First Ladies to auction off her own belongings following her time in the White House. Trump claims that a “portion” of the proceeds from all her recent, new sales are bookmarked for her “Be Best” campaign’s foster care initiative that hailed from her days in the White House and claims to be fighting bullying, most specifically online.

However, people aren’t really buying what Melania’s selling — and I don’t mean her digital art or her autographed hat. People are struggling to buy the notion that Melania Trump is selling this stuff to serve anyone but herself.

And rightfully so.

Some people found themselves wondering if the news story was even legitimate, while others wondered if any of the funds from the auctions would actually go to any sort of charity, belonging to Melania or otherwise, citing the fact that Mel said a “portion,” but didn’t specify how much that would be. Others saw Melania’s new auctions as yet another example of the Trump family’s relentless drifting off of their time in the White House, even now that they’re no longer there, while many others feel that Melania’s sudden auctions and sales are a cash grab on behalf of a woman who’s quickly going broke.

Frankly, people are well within their right to have suspicions about Melania Trump’s sincerity and intent when it comes to anything having to do with charity — especially considering that the Trump family charity was forced to shut down due to fraud after her husband allegedly used his 501(c)3 status to convince his associates to donate to various causes, only to cut a check to the charity in question after skimming a considerable chunk off the top for himself.

In fact, one incident was so severe it saw Donald Trump’s middle son Eric skim money from charitable funds meant for the children’s cancer charity, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis.

All in all, the whole ordeal has people wondering what Melania Trump is genuinely up to:

Good luck with that, Mel.

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