Melania Trump’s Ex-Best Friend Said The Former First Lady’s Emails, Communications Are Incriminating As Hell: “Melania Is Very Well Aware Of Everything”

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Melania Trump has long tried to convey herself as some sort of innocent, ignorant bystander in her husband’s schemes and crimes. While she occasionally does speak out in support of her scandal-plagued, ex-presidential spouse, the equally disgraced former first lady is far more well-known for her concerted efforts to keep herself out of the public’s light, and therefore, out of the line of fire. In fact, inside sources recently revealed that Donald’s wife has attempted to cope with his never-ending stream of scandals and public humiliation by keeping herself “surrounded by people who love her and who never talk about reality, or bad things about her husband.”

But, for all of Melania’s attempts to portray herself as nothing more than an innocent, unculpable bystander, one of the ex-first lady’s former aides and one-time closest and best personal friend is calling bullshit on this blameless narrative that Mrs. Trump is attempting to spin. According to Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, Melania Trump knows everything, and the former first lady’s communications would prove that.

Winston Wolkoff has gained public notoriety in recent years as an individual who was once about as close to the Trump family as one could get. She was close to the whole family in their professional lives — serving as an advisor to Melania in the White House and even playing a large role in the planning Donald’s inauguration — as well as their personal lives, serving as one of Melania Trump’s closest and most loyal personal friends.

That is until she learned the hard way that the Trump family is loyal to no one, and Winston Wolkoff found herself thrown to the wolves by the people she had devoted so much of her life to.

Since then, Stephanie has become not only a staunch and vocal critic of the Trump family and her former best friend, but has gone so far as to closely work with investigators against them.

Recently, a judge ruled against a pair of subpoenas issued by the Manhattan District Attorney that sought to obtain, among other documents in the New York criminal case, the communications of former First Lady Melania Trump. DA Bragg sought these communications records — including emails, Signal messages, and text messages — in connection to his felony case against Donald Trump for alleged falsification of business records. Judge Juan Merchan ruled in favor of Trump’s efforts to block those subpoenas, with Merchan ruling that the orders were overbroad.

Winston Wolkoff found herself extremely frustrated with this decision and noted that not only would those communications serve as damning evidence in the Manhattan DA’s case, but would prove to be more than a little incriminating in DOJ Special Counsel Jack Smith’s election interference case.

Winston Wolkoff said:

I do hope the investigators do have her Signals that I have, and I hope that they have her text messages and I hope that they have every email that has was written on a non-government email address because those emails show Melania is very well aware of everything.”


Melania Trump’s ex-best friend Stephanie Winston Wolkoff just dropped this bombshell on Lights On with Jessica Denson podcast:

“And I do hope the investigators do have her Signals that I have, and I hope that they have her text messages and I hope that they…

— MeidasTouch (@MeidasTouch) August 1, 2023

Stephanie further expanded on this in a subsequent tweet, where she wrote, “Melania Trump used MULTIPLE private email addresses & Signal during her stay in the White House. FOIA doesn’t have access to her correspondence. The American people have NO idea what was going on, what she “claims” to know & not know, or how disingenuous she is.”

Melania’s former best friend further alleged that the now ex-first lady used at least one email address during her  time in the Whtie House that was her official Trump Organization address, insinuating that Melania Trump was blurring the lines between her husband’s corrupt, personal family business and official United States government business.

As it stands, it is not yet clear whether Judge Merchan will green light AG Bragg’s subpoena if he narrows the scope of the communications he is seeking from the ex-first lady.

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