Melania Trump’s Former Best Friend Said The Ex-First Lady Knows Why Husband Donald Divorced Marla And Ivana But Stays With Her


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The revelations about the First Lady and the Trump family as a whole that were dropped in our laps when Stephanie Winston Wolkoff was gearing up for the release of her tell-all book, Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady, were nothing short of jaw-dropping.

Over time, we’ve been hit with some serious bombshells regarding everything from Melania’s less-than-loving relationship with her eldest step-daughter Ivanka, to the inauguration finance investigation the Trumps have found themselves at the center of, to the overall depravity of the First Family as a whole.

However, perhaps the most interesting tidbit of information to hail from Wolkoff’s opus is Melania’s theory as to why she ended up being the wife that stuck.

To the American public, Melania is a quiet, brooding individual. But to her former friend and adviser, it seems that the First Lady had plenty to say about plenty of things.

Wolkoff detailed one conversation she had with Melania, in which she questioned why she never used the “Trump” name to promote her various brands, even when they were struggling to gain traction. This question apparently prompted Melania to share her thoughts on why Donald’s two previous marriages were a bust.

“She was very well aware of what he wanted — and didn’t want — in his third wife. He wasn’t the kind of husband who cheered on his wife’s career,” Melania’s former friend wrote in her book. “Melania told me the secret of her long marriage to him is that she is completely different from his other wives.”

Stephanie reveals that, according to Melania, Trump’s previous wives put too much pressure on him, which ultimately served as the demise of their unions.

“Unlike Marla Maples, Melania didn’t pressure him emotionally,” Stephanie penned, describing Melania’s explanation. “Unlike Marla Maples, Donald’s first wife, who ran one of his Atlantic City casinos and sold jewelry and clothes on QVC for a decade, Melania didn’t pressure Donald for things to do.”

Basically, it sounds as though Donald Trump is keen on a wife that simply stays out of his way.

Why am I not surprised?

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