Melania Trump’s Former Friend Allegedly Assisting An Independent Prosecutor With Investigation Into Trump’s Inauguration: “Melania Knew It All, Every Detail”

She is actively trying to take them down!

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Former adviser to and close friend of First Lady Melania Trump, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, has been chock full of reeling revelations thanks to her new book, Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady.”

Over the past several weeks, we’ve been given some seriously in-depth insight into Melania’s less than loving relationship with her step-daughter, Ivanka — who Melania feels has gone out of her way to step on her toes and force her way into the position of unofficial First Lady in her bid to become America’s first female president, something that apparently makes Melania roll her eyes.

We’ve also been given loads of general information from Wolkoff that simply reminds us all of the depths of depravity and deceit that comes with the Trump family as a whole.


But it was Stephanie’s recent interview with ABC News that truly let us all know how serious the former confidante to Melania Trump truly is in her disdain for the Trump family and her former friend.

Wolkoff admitted during the interview that she has been working closely with several different prosecutors to assist in their investigations into Trump’s alleged financial crimes committed in connection to his inauguration — and Wolkoff was sure to point out that her old pal Melania was privy to the whole situation, the whole time.

Stephanie told ABC News, “I’m working with three different prosecutors, and it’s taken over my life,” apparently referring to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Southern District of New York as well as local attorneys general in New Jersey and Washington, D.C.

Though they didn’t respond directly to the allegations made by Wolkoff, Trump’s inaugural committee told ABC News in a statement that it “disagrees with [her] description of this historic event,” and “will decline to engage in her effort to sell books.”

One White House spokesperson said Wolkoff is trying to “profit off lies and mischaracterizations meant to harm the First Family.”

Wolkoff found herself at the center of Trump’s inauguration controversy when the NYT reported that her event-planning firm had made over $26 million from Trump’s inaugural committee — something Wolkoff vehemently denies.

In the interview, Wolkoff said she “begged” Melania to publicly announce that she had not made anything close to $26 million and that the First Lady knew about the expenses.

“[But] when the time came for her to come and speak the truth about a friend who left everything behind to help her, she turned her back on me … stabbed me in the back,” Wolkoff said.

In her book, Wolkoff said she was flabbergasted when she discovered that a spokesperson for Melania told NYT that “the first lady ‘had no involvement’ with the inaugural committee ‘and had no knowledge of how funds were spent.'”

That was “complete and utter horses–t!” Stephanie wrote in her book, asserting that Melania was deeply involved in the planning that went into the inauguration and even personally approved some of the expenses.

“Melania knew it all, every detail, including who was screwing around [and] the type of salmon served at the Candlelight Dinner,” the book claims.

As we get closer and closer to this year’s election, more and more people are not only publicly turning their backs on the Trump family, they’re actively doing everything they can to remove them from their position of power.

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