Melania’s Former Aide And Friend Believes The Ex-First Lady Is Staying “Far” Away From Her Husband As Indictment Looms Over Trump: “This Is His Problem”

She wants nothing to do with it.

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Life is falling apart for Donald Trump right now, there is no doubt about that. In addition to all of the lawsuits, legal peril, and investigations raging against him from every conceivable direction, it’s widely believed that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is closing in on the former president, based on leaks coming out of the DA’s office in recent weeks, with an official criminal indictment widely expected to come down on Donald Trump’s head in a matter of days. In fact, Trump himself knows it, as he took to his Truth Social platform this morning and not only admitted that he expects to be arrested next Tuesday but took things a step further still when he called his violent supporters to action in a manner that was eerily reminiscent of the January 6th attack.

I can only imagine that the scandal is rocking its way through the entire Trump family as we speak, and one former inside source is saying that as a result, Melania Trump is likely keeping her distance from her disgraced husband.

Former friend and Chief of Staff to Melania Trump, Stephanie Grisham, made an appearance on MSNBC this afternoon as news breaks left and right, suggesting that the former first lady, her former boss, is likely staying as far away from her scandal-ridden husband as possible as he faces the possibility of multiple impending indictments, with one of those expected to land in a mere 3 days.

Grisham, who very briefly served as press secretary for Donald Trump, spoke with MSNBC host Alex Witt and said that, in her experience with Melania, the former first lady has a history of attempting to stay as far away as possible from her husband’s almost neverending scandals and legal peril. According to Grisham, with DA Bragg literally breathing down Donald’s neck, the former aide said she can’t imagine that has changed.

Witt asked Grisham how she thought her former boss is holding up amid all of the breaking news and her husband’s almost undoubted impending indictment, and the former Melania aide said she has no doubt that the ex-first lady is steering clear of the scandal and leaving her husband to deal with it.

“This morning when the news kind of started to hit, I have to say, she is the first person I thought of and, of course, their young son who is a minor,” Grisham told Witt. “And I just, thought there is still this family there that will also be affected in these are people I felt close to at one point.”

“She always had the attitude of ‘this is his problem, he can take care of it.’ about which I really always admired and respected,” the former Melania aide explained. “I don’t think I could’ve had that kind of attitude but I am sure that she has that same attitude right now, you know, this is your problem.”

“I think she’s probably sticking kind of far from him, I think she’s doing her own thing, as she always does,” Grisham said.

You can watch her MSNBC appearance here:

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