Melania’s Former Roommate Came Forward And Alleged The Ex-First Lady Was Actually Never A Model

Uh oh! Mel's caught!

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For someone who’s married to a man that’s so staunchly anti-immigration, Melania Trump’s own immigration story is a shady one, at best.

Supposedly the woman came to the United States on an “Einstein” visa, meant solely for individuals with some “extraordinary ability” and since we’ve now determined that she never finished college, and I really don’t think that blowing old, rich, white dudes counts as an extraordinary ability, we’ve all kind of been operating under the assumption that her visa was obtained through her modeling skills — not that she was really extra special in her ability to stand naked on a cheesy magazine cover, but it was pretty much the only option left.

But, according to an interview with her former NYC roommate, it seems that Melania’s “Einstein” visa really has not a single leg left to stand on anymore, as he’s now revealed that Melania never really modeled much at all, and she certainly didn’t make much money at it with the little she did do.

Matthew Atanian, the photographer who shared an apartment with Melania in New York told Vanity Fair that the former model turned now-former-FLOTUS was pretty disciplined in her pursuit of a modeling career, but compared to her fellow model in the 1990s, she was nothing to write home about.

“She wore ankle weights around the apartment,” Atanian stated before claiming that Melania adhered to a strict diet of “five to seven vegetables and fruits every day.”

According to him, Mel’s “stiffness” was causing her modeling career to essentially fall flat on its face before she finally met Trump in 1998, whose connections ultimately landed her a few legitimate gigs — like the infamous Britsh GQ’s “Sex at 30,000 feet: Melania Knauss earns her air miles” shoot from January 2000.

And if you’ve ever done just a quick Google search for modeling photo of Melania, you’ll notice that many of them are not very flattering or glamorous shots.

Writer Quinn Cummings took to her Twitter account to lay this all out in detail for anyone who’s still curious:

Ahh… Yet another Trump that’s nothing more than a big, fat liar. Why am I not surprised?

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons/Tolgenn

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