Melania’s Substance Abuse Prevention Tweet Does Not Go Down Well: “Your Husband Attacked A Recovering Drug Addict On Television”

Girl, sit down.

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During the first 2020 presidential debate, Donald Trump attacked Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, while the former vice-president mentioned his late son’s military service. Trump pivoted to Hunter Biden as the Democratic nominee was noting Beau Biden’s military service in Iraq. When Biden said he was talking about Beau Biden, who also served as Delaware’s attorney general, Trump said, “I don’t know Beau.” Trump then shamelessly brought up Hunter Biden’s addiction to attack the former vice president on Tuesday night.

Apparently, Melania Trump missed that part of the debate, though. The first lady’s hypocrisy reared its head again on Twitter Thursday morning when he unleashed a tweet, along with a video clip, in support of substance abuse prevention. And, of course, she brought up her anti-bullying ‘Be Best’ campaign while she’s married to the biggest bully on the planet.

Yeah, girlfriend should have sat this one out.

Mel, the drugs are coming from inside the White House. Stay in your lane, girl. On a serious note, if you or someone you know is addicted to an illegal substance, call a drug prevention hotline or crisis center. I’m not gonna lie and tell you it’s an easy road to recovery, but it’s easier than living the life of a drug addict. And Donald Trump just added to the stigma of drug abuse, but y’all are stronger than our weak-ass prissydent.

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