Member Of Jan. 6th Committee Reportedly Says Trump Is “Absolutely” Tampering With Witnesses By Dangling The Possibility Of Pardons For Their Involvement In The Capitol Attack

They know what you're up to, Donald.

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Former President Donald Trump has never been one to really feel much shame or regret for any of the numerous, terrible, illegal things he’s done in his life, before, during, and after his presidency. The man has always seemed to instead be of the belief that he can do no wrong and everything is actually the fault of everyone around him, but himself. However, if you ask me, the former guy has gotten even more brazen than he’s ever been over the course of the last few weeks.

For a man who brutally lost his second stab at the White House (and has been a seriously sore loser ever since,) has been impeached by the US House of Representatives not just once, but twice, and still faces down a record-breaking number of lawsuits and investigations for that a year out from his term in office, he still seems so very arrogant and overly-confident in himself and the idea that he’ll never see any real, true ramifications for the things he’s done.

Trump’s confidence has seemingly grown so much so, in fact, over the recent weeks, that he’s genuinely all but willingly telling on himself at this point.

His last several “official” statements have all but painted a roadmap detailing how he planned to steal the 2020 presidential election, if only Mike Pence has gone along with it, and how he will likely go about it the next time should he lose another one. During his rally over the weekend, he proudly encouraged his supporters to ignite the “biggest protest we have ever had” in this nation, should the prosecutors who are currently investigating him do anything he arbitrarily deems “wrong or illegal” — despite knowing damn good and well what his base does when they “protest” thanks to the infamous January 6th Capitol insurrection.

And to top it all off, he had absolutely no shame when it came to essentially promising all of those who were involved in that very Capitol siege a round of presidential pardons for their crimes against this country if he manages to make it back into the White House.

Frankly, all of the above has flashing neon “guilty” signs pointed directly at Donald Trump’s forehead. But one member of the January 6th House Select Committee that’s currently deep into their investigation into that very siege took particular note of Donald’s presidential pardon promises — and they have absolutely no problem in confirming that what the ex-president is doing is witness tampering.

Rep. Pete Aguilar reportedly appeared on CNN where host Brianna Keilar questioned whether the House panel member felt that Trump’s recent dangling of a pardon over the heads of those who participated in the violent January 6th siege would be considered witness tampering in their ongoing investigation into the attack, and specifically Donald Trump’s role in it.

“Absolutely,” Aguilar answered.

“And I think the question is more from my colleagues on the other side of the aisle, you know where — where are they? Do they support this? When is enough enough?”

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