Member Of Trump’s Inner Circle Revealed What He Told The Manhattan Grand Jury


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Earlier this week, the Manhattan grand jury, involved in investigating the infamous 2016 Trump/Stormy Daniels hush money scandal, heard testimony from attorney and staunchly devout Trump ally, Robert Costello, who served as a defense witness for the disgraced former president with the purpose of discrediting information given to the jury by Trump’s former personal attorney and self-described “fixer,” Michael Cohen,” who personally made the payments to the adult film star, allegedly on Donald’s orders, and has been working very closely with District Attorney Alvin Bragg and his office, throughout the probe.

Following his appearance before the jury, Costello was quick to go public with the information he claims to have given the Manhattan jurors in the hush money case that’s widely expected to serve as the first official indictment against ex-President Donald Trump.

Speaking with reporters outside of the DA’s office, the attorney and devout Trump insider claimed to have begun his testimony by handing DA Bragg 5 bundles of paperwork, telling Bragg that the papers needed to be given to members of the jury.

“In 2018, I gave essentially the same information to the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York. Only after they notified me that Michael Cohen had executed a waiver of the attorney-client privilege,” Costello said.

The attorney stated that this was a “stupid” move, as it opens the door for Costello to be able to hand over incriminating information against Cohen.

He further claimed that the SDNY didn’t do their due diligence with regard to properly coordinating with Cohen on any of the information after that fact, before asserting that it was his “evidence” coupled with a lack of reliability on Michael Cohen’s part that allowed Donald Trump to come away from the SDNY unscathed by any federal charges.

In reality, Trump skirted accountability, in that case, due only to the fact that the Department of Justice maintains a policy of not indicting sitting US presidents, which Donald Trump was at the time.

“Today after giving all those materials to the Manhattan district attorney’s office, out of 321 emails they cherry-picked six e-mails to ask me about,” Costello told reporters. “And of course, they took them out of context. When they took them out of context, I told the grand jurors, I don’t know whether this will ultimately come to fruition or not. I told them to ask for the entire packet. And I held it up. I said there’s 321 emails. You need to see each and every email, which follows in chronological fashion and gives you the life history of Michael Cohen dealing with our firm. I understand that earlier, there were some comments made by the folks out here that you were waiting for Trump’s lawyers. We are not Trump’s lawyers. We do not represent Trump. We have never represented Trump.”

Costello has never personally represented Donald Trump but has served as legal representation for the likes of Rudy Giuliani and Steve Bannon.

Costello alleged that Micheal Cohen was scared and panicking following an FBI search warrant executed at his personal home and his office.

“He was imagining the worst for himself,” the Trump ally claimed. “Although at that moment in time, he still hadn’t been charged with any crimes. So Michael Cohen in that state of high anxiety, when he said to us numerous times I’m looking for a way out, I need an escape hatch, how do I do this, I need to know what my options are. And his options were as he mentioned, he said do I have a chance for a pardon? Do I have a chance for a commutation? I’m not sure he understood what that term actually meant. Do I have a chance for a cooperation agreement? He said I don’t understand why they did this to me because I was already cooperating with the House and with the FBI. Of course, he forgot to mention that he lied to the House, for which he was later convicted. So, I of course following my obligations as an attorney explained each of his rights and what he could do.”

According to the infamous probe conducted by the equally infamous Special Counsel Robert Mueller, one of those so-called “obligations” was apparently to assure Cohen that he was going to be just fine because he had all the right friends in all the highest places.

Cohen was ultimately charged with multiple felonies and did prison time over his deep connection to the Stormy Daniels hush money scandal.

See Costello’s remarks here:

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