Michael Cohen Exposes Trump’s Signature On Documents Showing Russian Activity In 2016 Campaign

He's flipping!

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Michael Cohen, the longtime attorney for Donald Trump, has produced a letter that shows Trump’s signature on a Letter of Intent for the Trump Tower Moscow project during the 2016 election. The letter was requested by Felix Sater, a business associate with connections to the Russian mob.

The letter was signed by Trump just four months into his 2016 campaign, proving that the president was highly involved and knowledgeable in the building plans for a Trump Tower in Moscow. Trump has been claiming his innocence and stating that Cohen and Sater had been working independently from him, but these new reports about Cohen’s letter completely blows those lies up. According to ABC News:

Four months into his campaign for president of the United States, Donald Trump signed a letter of intent to pursue a Trump Tower–style building development in Moscow, according to a statement from the Trump Organization’s then–chief counsel, Michael Cohen.

The involvement of then-candidate Trump in a proposed Russian skyscraper deal contradicts repeated statements Trump made during the campaign, including telling ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that his business had “no relationship to Russia whatsoever.”

However, this isn’t the worst of the news for Trump. Special Counsel Robert Mueller has Felix Sater as a witness who has agreed to cooperate in the investigation. Now with this letter from Cohen, it could be very bad news for Trump if his longtime attorney decides to flip – which looks like a big possibility.

We’ve seen Trump’s lies blow up in his face before, but it’s quite surprising to see these exposures coming from the president’s own inner circle. Especially Cohen, who has in the past put everything on the line to save his boss. Trump has been screwed over before by a lack of loyalty in his team, and this may be another case where he is brought down by his own henchmen.

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